Saturday, June 30, 2007

Okay, the real picture post.

Pillow fight. Believe it or not, that's me about to bang Cait on the head with a pillow.

Fancy-Face and I. Gramma and grampa are in Ohio for a week, and I get to take care of Fancy - give her her pill in the morning, along with wet cat food, then in the evening get her fresh water, another pill, more wet cat food, and scoop her litter. It's fun, though. She's a beautiful cat.

Some sort of cattle at the Highland Games. Aren't they adorable?

Leafy Sea Dragon. A Type of seahorse. I thought they were the coolest.

Cait went upstairs when we got to this part... she hates sharks, even in a tank. I spent a while trying to get pictures of them, though.

Lucy! The K's dog... she's adorable.


My favorite two year old... well, when you ask her "Sophie, do you know who my favorite two-year-old is?" She says "Two and a half."

"Das your minky have a lisance?" ~ Pink Panther

Sea otters! I wuv dem. But better than sea otters are the Short-clawed Aisian otters. Nate and I named those ones Grath Longfletch and Shog.

Under the sea...

Yes, I really did get swallowed by a shark. No wonder Cait hates them.

We were allowed to touch these guys. Squishy.

My spoolhouse. Not a schoolhouse, a spoolhouse.

Sophie again. The other day she came into our room and said "Rawr! I'm a -a a- a bad guy! An - an - an I'm gonna wead you a stowy, Kywee!"

Isn't she adorable?

Hanging up-side down on Grampa's treadmill.

The tiger... I hate our family camera's zoom. It's only 3x or so. He's right between Noah and Candace's heads.


Picture Post!

While I'm waiting for the pictures to load. We went to the zoo yesterday. Then we were gonna go to a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game - they were playing the Portland Beavers - but we didn't cuz of rain. Instead all the cousins came to gramma's house, and we made ice cream. We watched part of a Mariners game - they where whipping Toronto, 5-1, end of third inning. The younger kids went to bed, and Hannah, Cait, and I stayed up until 12:30, first playing imaginiff, then talking and listening to music. In the morning we ate blueberry pancakes (made me miss Mr. B), then got dressed and played soccer-football and baseball outside for a little while.
I can't believe those pictures are still loading.
We haven't really been doing much. I've been on the piano a lot, working my way through level 4. I'm hoping to finish level 5 by the end of the summer. Heh. Like that's gonna happen.
I s'pose I should pick an interesting topic and talk about it. But the only subject I'd like to talk about right now is baseball and how it's better than cricket. But I'll give my talk right now anyways.
See, in cricket, there are these sticks with things called bales on them, and to get someone out you have to hit the bale off the sticks. There are two things with bales on them called wickets at each end of the playing field, with a pitcher and then people all around ready to catch the ball. One dude hits the ball, his team mate and him switch places as many times as they can before the other team gets the ball. That's basically how it goes. Baseball, though, you've got four bases, stealing, etc... yeah. Basically much more exciting.

I drew one of my creatures the other day. I need a name for them, though. They're basically people, but their skin is like a leaf that you can see the veins clearly in. I'm open to any names ya'll might come up with. They live in the forest, tend to be crafty... My favorite creatures ever.

Haha. Maybe I'll post this and THEN post pictures. I think I will.

Tomorrow we leave for Leavenworth for three days. Wha-whoo!!!!! Golf, *shopping*, hiking, eating, ping-pong... I don't think I'll swim much this year, if at all. I don't like swimming much anymore. But that means I'll get a lot of writing done up there, hopefully, cuz while everyone else swims I'll sit by the pool and write.

Catch ya later.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So maybe it's been a little while...

Saturday- Tacoma Highland Games. Cait did very well, first in piobaireachd, third in Strathspey and Reel, fourth in March. I watched and videod, then we looked around a bit, went to opening ceremonies, shopped a bit more (best part was the swords, but people under 18 weren't allowed to touch them. Grr... I play with swords...). We watched a lot of the dancing, made me miss flying.

Sunday - After Church we went to Brunch at the Kettle, then to gramma and grampa's. All the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc were there, and we did birthdays, early for Cait and me, a bit late for Hannah. I got a willow tree figurine (Rememberance), binoculars, a bigger pocket knife, and a new napkin (Eeyore tore up my favorite one a while ago, and this one is to replace it). At the highland games gramma got me a cloak pin. Cait and I finished watching "The God's Must Be Crazy," and I finished crocheting a pot holder. It was raining and storming, so I couldn't get on the computer, so I got a bit of writing done, which was nice.

Monday - Wrote the morning away, went to the cinema with Hannah and some of her friends to watch the Nancy drew movie (it was cute). We watched Mirror Mask before going to bed, I adore that movie...

Today - Watched Mason and Luke for a while, then Aunt Krissy brought us back to Gramma's, Candace is sick, so we're watching her while mom's returning the rental car.


Friday, June 22, 2007

8 Reasons I Don't Share My Faith

My thoughts?

8. Might get beat up. Dude, Jesus died for you! And you're worried about getting beat up? Romans 5:2-5; 2 Cor 1:5, Philippians 1:29; 2 Tim 1:8, 1 Peter 2:20-21. Suffer for Jesus. Count it all Joy.

7. I Won't Make Sense. Store up God's word in your heart. Know the gospel, know your message.

6. I might be made fun of. See number 8.

5. I don't know how to get started. Pray for opportunities. Know the basic message, practice working your faith into normal conversations.

4. I'll be a bad witness. Again, know your stuff!

3. I'll say the wrong thing. Pray God will give you wisdom in choosing your words. Use scripture.

2. I don't want people to think I'm a religious nut. Don't be ashamed. Romans 1:16

1. I don't know enough. Worst case scenario? Say you don't know, but you'll get back to them. It doesn't hurt to ask for outside help, does it? Nobody knows everything.

It comes to this: Know the gospel, remember Christ's sufferings, pray, and don't be ashamed of your message.

But why worry? These are just excuses, nothing more. And 'sides - God is on our side.



We found mice. Kangaroo mice, most likely. Technically Fancy found them, in an empty peanut butter jar by the stairs. We're keeping them for a few days, then releasing them into the field soon. We hope Fancy won't get them later on. They're so tiny and cute... they jump around a lot, so it's a bit hard to hold them.

And the mountain was out. It's been out a lot recently. This picture doesn't do it justice. The sunlight was beautiful on it...

And then there were all the flowers from gramma's garden. That I can identify in the picture, there are fox glove, sweet william, and pansies, but I had a TON more than that in there.

The Mice:

The movie we made with Katie and Hannah:


Friday, June 15, 2007

Sophie's Peacocks.

Yesterday the Elwells came over for dinner, and we got on the topic of peacocks... so Aunt Kathryn turns to Sophie and asks her what she knows about peacocks. Sophie's reply?
Sophie: The peacock ate Chloe’s sandwich.
Us: It did?
Sophie: The peacock ate Chloe’s sandwich.
Aunt Kathryn: Then what happened?
Sophie: he shared it with a crow.
Us: *something*
Sophie: The peacock ate Chloe’s sandwhich.
Me: Did Chloe get hungry?
Sophie: No.
"Was she finished?"
"Did he eat it all alone?"
"Yeah... the peacock ate Chloe's sandwich."
Aunt Kathryn told us what happened, during which we got a lot of "The peacock ate Chloe's sandwich" from Sophie.
She's adorable. I haven't any pictures of her, yet. But I will before we leave WA.

What else is new.... we've started on my skirt, the practice one is almost done. Tonight we're going to see a local ballet company perform Cinderella. Katie's here, and we've been down into Enumclaw a bit - yesterday we went to the library, hurrah!

Oh, and the S's got their vouchers to leave. Thank you Lord... well... kinda. We'll miss them.

A lot.


Monday, June 11, 2007


Thursday- In the morning I computered, watched MASH, and read. Early afternoon I went out in the field with my sword/stick. In the evening we went to the HT's. Hehe... we started playing tackle football (without the football) with Amy, Nate, and Candace... just for fun and crazyness. Then we went to the house and watched most of Peter Pan.

Friday - I slept in, cuz I was dreaming. We went to the Elwells and I played with Sophie, Chloe, and Candace. After lunch I read to Sophie, then played with nerf guns with Nate and Noah, running around the living room dodging and ducking and shooting like crazy. It was extremely fun.
Then at the Parks we walked down to the beach, talked, ate, and talked some more.

Saturday - Went to Hannah's Irish dance recital, also a whole bunch of other "dance." It was awful, but the Irish dancers were AMAZING. Then we went to the airport, traded cars, picked up Katie, and went to Pike's Place, saw the original Starbucks, fishmongers, and walked around. In the evening we went to the K's for Mason's birthday party, in which Hannah and I sat in her room and talked, then fumbled around on the piano.

Sunday, today - Woke up, went to FCC, daddy talked, I met Bethany and Bekah. Second service, I helped out in children's Church, met Micah. Went home with Bethany and Micah's family, helped them get lunch ready, talked with Micah some, and then mom, dad, and everybody else got there, we ate, Bethany, Bekah, Cait, Katie, and I played mau, and we talked some. Bethany was nice, but if Micah and I had talked more, we could have started debating about something or other, we have lots of similar interests and it seems that even though they're similar we'd disagree on lots of stuff.

I've taken to The Phantom of the Opera a lot now. I've had the theme in my head for days.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Grand Canyon

Welcome to the Grand Canyon, Mr. Anderson. We've been waiting for you.
(Cait and I did a whole video series on this... once we get back to Dubai and I get it put together I'll put it on YouTube and post the video here).

A Raven.
"Quoth the raven - Nevermore!"

A squiddel.

Beautiful clouds and trees... okay, so this was from the parking lot...

Sunset on the Grand Canyon, south rim.

Sunset at the Grand Canyon was awesome. Well, definately less awesome than God, but even so reflecting his awesomeness.

Hopi Point.

Some pictures from our Hike. We went 600 feet down into the Canyon, and then back up. Took us almost 2 hours.


Cait and I reached the top 5 minutes before everyone else, but we were worn out and breathless when we got there - exactly an hour and forty-two minutes after we started.

A mule train we saw.

Look! As Cait said, A real cowboy!

Thing to the left won't be gotten rid of. Rawr.
After our hike, we drove down to Sedona, AZ, and stopped there for a while. I finished reading The Grand Canyon, A Different View, aloud to the family. Brilliant book. Read it, even if you'll never go to the Grand Canyon.

There's Cacti everywhere.

Well, we ate at Sweet Tomatoes, then went to the hotel, and got up in the morning to catch our flight to WA. We almost missed it, due to extremely long check-in lines. Thankfully, they let us through security - well, let us cut - so we could get to the gate. Praise God, everything - us and our luggage - all made it to the plane. We're back in WA, safe and sound, after some trouble with the rental car, confusion with a ticket for Cait's friend flying out here, lunch at Taco Time, and then a day at Gramma's, which I spent watching MASH with grampa, cleaning my cloak, shooting Nate's BB gun, and taking the bark offa a stick.

Well, ok, I'm really getting to bed now.
'Night, ya'll.


Four Corners and Monument Valley.

Owl Rock, Monument Valley.

Nate and Candace... they'll be giving out earplugs at their concerts, I hope.

Cait and her dreamcatcher. I love that picture.

Each of us 4 kids in a different state. Four Corners, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona.

Me and my dreamcatcher. Love that picture, too.

One of my many "castles."

Little Colorado river (I think. I also know the little CO was where there was the greatest echo...)

Another castle-like rock.

Mexican Hat. See the sombrero?

Elephant's feet.

Long day of driving, pretty boring, until we got to our destination.
More tomorrow.


Mesa Verde.

The Mesa. Er, well, one of them.
The same one is below it.

Mesa Verde.

This is how it goes:

Daddy drives.
Mommy reads.
We listen, look, take pictures, and ask questions about what mommy just read.

It's gorgeous here.

Cliff Palace, the cliff dwelling we climbed down to. It was a blast. And now I'm hooked on learning more about the Anasazi, the people who built them.

Thought this looked like Legos.

Candace falls asleep on big brother Nate.

A picture. Hah. Don't know how to rotate them.

We've seen a lot of neat stuff. Now we're just driving. It's like a Chinese fire drill. Stop, get out, get in.

Armies and armies od dead trees. That's all there is for a ways. Charred and burnt, yet most of them are white.

White trees of Gondor.
Dead trees of Gondor.

It's sad. There are so many from forest fires. The trees. Dead.

It's like they're marching, parading across something. An army of dead trees, marching out to war. There are fewer now. They've gone.

Some ruins.

A Kiva, which was like a round meeting place kind of thing.

Sorry Nate, can't come.

This is where you'd grind corn.

Spruce Tree House. Pretty neat place.

More later, hopefully now, maybe tomorrow.