Friday, June 15, 2007

Sophie's Peacocks.

Yesterday the Elwells came over for dinner, and we got on the topic of peacocks... so Aunt Kathryn turns to Sophie and asks her what she knows about peacocks. Sophie's reply?
Sophie: The peacock ate Chloe’s sandwich.
Us: It did?
Sophie: The peacock ate Chloe’s sandwich.
Aunt Kathryn: Then what happened?
Sophie: he shared it with a crow.
Us: *something*
Sophie: The peacock ate Chloe’s sandwhich.
Me: Did Chloe get hungry?
Sophie: No.
"Was she finished?"
"Did he eat it all alone?"
"Yeah... the peacock ate Chloe's sandwich."
Aunt Kathryn told us what happened, during which we got a lot of "The peacock ate Chloe's sandwich" from Sophie.
She's adorable. I haven't any pictures of her, yet. But I will before we leave WA.

What else is new.... we've started on my skirt, the practice one is almost done. Tonight we're going to see a local ballet company perform Cinderella. Katie's here, and we've been down into Enumclaw a bit - yesterday we went to the library, hurrah!

Oh, and the S's got their vouchers to leave. Thank you Lord... well... kinda. We'll miss them.

A lot.



BananaBint said...

I still don't get the peacock thing........

Kyleigh said...

She's a record.

And totally mixed up... so the crows helped him eat it, but he ate it all alone.
And Chloe had taken one bite of her sandwich.

Ah, well... Sophie is a cutie.

BananaBint said...

Where was Chloe? Like at the zoo or what?

Kyleigh said...

The Zoo.

BananaBint said...

Ha! I guessed it! I'm so good! (: he he.

Anna said...

Oh, Ky, Leah posted pictures of her haircut. So you should check that out.