Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mesa Verde.

The Mesa. Er, well, one of them.
The same one is below it.

Mesa Verde.

This is how it goes:

Daddy drives.
Mommy reads.
We listen, look, take pictures, and ask questions about what mommy just read.

It's gorgeous here.

Cliff Palace, the cliff dwelling we climbed down to. It was a blast. And now I'm hooked on learning more about the Anasazi, the people who built them.

Thought this looked like Legos.

Candace falls asleep on big brother Nate.

A picture. Hah. Don't know how to rotate them.

We've seen a lot of neat stuff. Now we're just driving. It's like a Chinese fire drill. Stop, get out, get in.

Armies and armies od dead trees. That's all there is for a ways. Charred and burnt, yet most of them are white.

White trees of Gondor.
Dead trees of Gondor.

It's sad. There are so many from forest fires. The trees. Dead.

It's like they're marching, parading across something. An army of dead trees, marching out to war. There are fewer now. They've gone.

Some ruins.

A Kiva, which was like a round meeting place kind of thing.

Sorry Nate, can't come.

This is where you'd grind corn.

Spruce Tree House. Pretty neat place.

More later, hopefully now, maybe tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

LEGO's! Woot! Yaeh, but they are a strange color... the natives must have painted them. Sacralige. What? You say there were no LEGO's then? Of course there was! XD
Anyways, is that ducktape on Nate's lap in that picture? =P

Kyleigh said...

No, tisn't duct tape.
It's only his seat belt. With him, sometimes duct tape might be helpful, though.

ellie said...

ooh, duct tape would be very helpful with my bro! those ruins would be sooo fun to explore!!!