Saturday, June 30, 2007

Okay, the real picture post.

Pillow fight. Believe it or not, that's me about to bang Cait on the head with a pillow.

Fancy-Face and I. Gramma and grampa are in Ohio for a week, and I get to take care of Fancy - give her her pill in the morning, along with wet cat food, then in the evening get her fresh water, another pill, more wet cat food, and scoop her litter. It's fun, though. She's a beautiful cat.

Some sort of cattle at the Highland Games. Aren't they adorable?

Leafy Sea Dragon. A Type of seahorse. I thought they were the coolest.

Cait went upstairs when we got to this part... she hates sharks, even in a tank. I spent a while trying to get pictures of them, though.

Lucy! The K's dog... she's adorable.


My favorite two year old... well, when you ask her "Sophie, do you know who my favorite two-year-old is?" She says "Two and a half."

"Das your minky have a lisance?" ~ Pink Panther

Sea otters! I wuv dem. But better than sea otters are the Short-clawed Aisian otters. Nate and I named those ones Grath Longfletch and Shog.

Under the sea...

Yes, I really did get swallowed by a shark. No wonder Cait hates them.

We were allowed to touch these guys. Squishy.

My spoolhouse. Not a schoolhouse, a spoolhouse.

Sophie again. The other day she came into our room and said "Rawr! I'm a -a a- a bad guy! An - an - an I'm gonna wead you a stowy, Kywee!"

Isn't she adorable?

Hanging up-side down on Grampa's treadmill.

The tiger... I hate our family camera's zoom. It's only 3x or so. He's right between Noah and Candace's heads.



Anna said...

If you post one of your peoples, I'll try to think of a name. But I can't make promises, because you already know how "original" I am with naming things....
I named my three favorite childhood toys Blanky, Lamby, and Bunny. What does that tell you, I wonder?

Anna said...

Oh, and please call my house sometime before Tuesday if you can! I have good good good good good good news!!!!! And I want to do it over the phone so you can hear me shriek with delight!!! And Leah better not let it slip through her blog!

Kyleigh said...

I don't have your number with me.
Email it to me, aaaaaah, wait... I may be able to call tomorrow morning... probably not before Tuesday.

BananaBint said...

It's very interesting how the back of the shark's mouth is made out of wood.

But how did you get out in time? 'Cause unless your parents got a computer into the shark, you wouldn't have been able to post that...

Anna said...

Oh, I'm leaving for Camp Barakel tomorrow morning....... so after that?

ellie said...

That's such a kewl looking cat!

Ilevot said...

lovely pictures....however I wouldn't exactly call those cows "adorable".