Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow?

A post I made on the Rebelution Forum... thought I'd re-post it here:

We have a dog.
His name is Eeyore.
Now Eeyore loves to go on walks. But more often than not, he wants to go where he wants to go, not where I want him to go. It makes me wonder – how often do we do this to God? Do we ever say “Sure, God, I’ll go wherever – as long as I want to go there. As long as I can follow. Just please, don’t go where I can't follow.” God created us, He knows what’s best for us, right?
We moved across the ocean a little over a year ago. At first, I really didn't want to go. But now that we're here, I like life better. God knew what He was doing when my dad got a job over here.

Food for thought:

- Why do we believe we can't follow where God is taking us?
- Why do we pull the leash in another direction?
- And what should we do when God wants us to go somewhere we don’t want to go?




BananaBint said...

Do we really really think that God is taking us where we can't go, or do we just not want to go there, so we pretend that we can't do it?

But if you're gonna go talking about us not being able to do it, we're right. We can't.

God can.

Kyleian said...

The can't in this case isn't necessarily a "not able to," well, it is, but more of a what you're saying - an excuse.

BananaBint said...

Wait, WHAT?!?!