Saturday, June 30, 2007

Picture Post!

While I'm waiting for the pictures to load. We went to the zoo yesterday. Then we were gonna go to a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game - they were playing the Portland Beavers - but we didn't cuz of rain. Instead all the cousins came to gramma's house, and we made ice cream. We watched part of a Mariners game - they where whipping Toronto, 5-1, end of third inning. The younger kids went to bed, and Hannah, Cait, and I stayed up until 12:30, first playing imaginiff, then talking and listening to music. In the morning we ate blueberry pancakes (made me miss Mr. B), then got dressed and played soccer-football and baseball outside for a little while.
I can't believe those pictures are still loading.
We haven't really been doing much. I've been on the piano a lot, working my way through level 4. I'm hoping to finish level 5 by the end of the summer. Heh. Like that's gonna happen.
I s'pose I should pick an interesting topic and talk about it. But the only subject I'd like to talk about right now is baseball and how it's better than cricket. But I'll give my talk right now anyways.
See, in cricket, there are these sticks with things called bales on them, and to get someone out you have to hit the bale off the sticks. There are two things with bales on them called wickets at each end of the playing field, with a pitcher and then people all around ready to catch the ball. One dude hits the ball, his team mate and him switch places as many times as they can before the other team gets the ball. That's basically how it goes. Baseball, though, you've got four bases, stealing, etc... yeah. Basically much more exciting.

I drew one of my creatures the other day. I need a name for them, though. They're basically people, but their skin is like a leaf that you can see the veins clearly in. I'm open to any names ya'll might come up with. They live in the forest, tend to be crafty... My favorite creatures ever.

Haha. Maybe I'll post this and THEN post pictures. I think I will.

Tomorrow we leave for Leavenworth for three days. Wha-whoo!!!!! Golf, *shopping*, hiking, eating, ping-pong... I don't think I'll swim much this year, if at all. I don't like swimming much anymore. But that means I'll get a lot of writing done up there, hopefully, cuz while everyone else swims I'll sit by the pool and write.

Catch ya later.

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