Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I don't think I've directly talked about what the Rebelution is. I know I've mentioned it, but never detailed.
The weblink is just www.therebelution.com
If you go deep enough in, and read articles and things, you'll find that it's mostly about doing hard things. Teens in today's world tend to give up too easily, and just do things that come easily. But who am I to be talking about this? Just today I was giving up... and then I was reminded of the motto of the Rebelution. I call myself a Rebelutionary, yet today I was meeting all my low expectations and being who I don't want to be seen as. I was reminded as I got online this evening, that we're supposed to do hard things. After all, we can do all things through Christ, right? So what's the big deal? Why do we give up so easily? All we need to do is ask God for help, then try again. Don't let people look down on you because you're young. Set an example for everyone. We as youth can encourage people with our faith, both people younger than us and older.

This afternoon, I pulled out my guitar and practiced. I struggled with a song, did it again, it got a bit easier. Then I realized that over the past year, nothing in my playing had changed. I hadn't gotten any better, if anything, I was worse. Why? Because I didn't want to do hard things and keep going through the books myself. So now I'm going to have to start it at the beginning. Well, Grade 2 anyway.

Then I played the piano. I gave up on a song that had been annoying me to no end for almost a week now. Then this evening I sat down, determined to play it, and played it through.

It's funny, how when we're so determined to do something, we often end up doing it. It's all a matter of really trying.

I tried to draw a person today. And yesterday. A person with their arms somehwere but down. I guess I just need more practice. So tomorrow (or next time I sit down and draw), I'm going to just practice arms. Prayer and practice make perfect.

Then I gave up on my writing. I didn't hit writer's block, just a little rut. I'm out of it now, I just had to shut off my music (which usually helps me write), and think a little harder. I've thought much harder before. Sometimes we think that pushing ourselves will make us explode. Haha. Aren't we funny.

A couple things I want to pull out from a Rebelution article:
“If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always had.”
ight? If I keep up with just playing the guitar stuff I have now, I'll keep getting disappointment. I'm not going to get where I wanna go unless I start going there.
You reap what you sow.

Okay, well, I gotta go.
But remember, don't give up so easily. Do hard things, we can do ANYTHING through Christ. Now go out there... and and... and build a spaceship!



Brett Harris said...

Hey Kyleigh,

Wonderful post. It means a lot to Alex and me to see other teens applying "do hard things" to their lives for the glory of God. =)

We'd love to re-post your post on The Rebelution Blog. Would you be willing to let us do that?

We would need your permission to do some minor tweaks to make it fit as a guest post. You can let us know by replying here or by emailing me at: brett@therebelution.com

Your Brother In Christ,
Brett Harris

BananaBint said...

Wow! Fancy post up there! ^ (: Well, anyway, just wanted to say: build a spaceship?!?!? Are you CRAZY!??!?! Lava surfing is much more fun. (: Well, haven't tried it yet but it will be!

Autumn said...

I found your blog through the Rebelution and I am so glad that I did. You have such a Godly blog. That post was excellent. You sound so mature. I'll definitely be back to read more.
Would you mind if I linked you to my blog?
Keep on shining for Christ!

BananaBint said...

Autumn: You definitely should read more of Kyleigh's blog. She's really funny and interesting too! And I love it when people comment. (: I really am a blog nut and am crazy about reading people's blogs and commenting! Sorry, I know you don't know me, but you can probably ask Anna, Ilevot (two major commenters on Kyleigh's blog) and Kyleigh and they'll hopefully tell you not I'm not completly out of my mind! But do keep on reading this blog. It's good. (:

Anna said...

Wait, you AREN'T out of your mind? And I'm supposed to know this? News to me.

Anna said...

Who are we talking about anyway?

janelle said...

Hey great blog, and great post. I found it through the Rebelution...

BananaBint said...

Who ARE you talking about, Anna? And I am not out of my mind. I'm usually really nice! (: he he. No really, usually I'm quite tame. (:

jess said...

whoa.. famous now, aren't we?
in the rebelution newsletter...

u go girl!!


go do hard things for the glory of God.

loved the post.


Cait said...

very well said Ky!

"droring" wasn't from MirrorMask or anything. It's simply how the British often pronounce drawing. However I think it can be overused and sounds silly

ellie said...

Thanks, Ky. That's just what I needed to hear right about now.