Thursday, June 7, 2007

Four Corners and Monument Valley.

Owl Rock, Monument Valley.

Nate and Candace... they'll be giving out earplugs at their concerts, I hope.

Cait and her dreamcatcher. I love that picture.

Each of us 4 kids in a different state. Four Corners, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona.

Me and my dreamcatcher. Love that picture, too.

One of my many "castles."

Little Colorado river (I think. I also know the little CO was where there was the greatest echo...)

Another castle-like rock.

Mexican Hat. See the sombrero?

Elephant's feet.

Long day of driving, pretty boring, until we got to our destination.
More tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Four steps and you can have been in four different steps. =D That's pretty cool. Don't know if I've ever been there. =P
Great pics of the Canyon! All your pics are cool. =D
A real cowboy! With a real cowboy hat! And a real cowboy horse! XD
All of those castle rock structures look like they would be fun to play on. =D We could really lob grapefruit and coconut cannonballs at each other then. XP
I like the "Mexican Hat". Who knows how long it will continue like that before being eroded away. =/ =P

Kyleigh said...

AaaaaaaaargH! *throws grapefruit from top of castle*

ellie said...

really, really cool! Heh, I sometimes wish my sibs would hand out earplugs too. :P :) heh, nice idea, Matt.

Kyleigh said...

It's the content we need earplugs for.

It seems they can't keep anything down in their stomachs, and whenever they eat, they end up in the hospital.

Ilevot said...

umm, yeah, ok. those are really cool pics, though. *sighs* the lucky people who get to travel lots