Friday, August 31, 2007

Superhero Progressive Dinner

Thursday night was our Oasis Progressive Dinner. This year's theme was to dress up as a superhero, but not a known one, you had to make it up.
So at first we got there, said hi to everyone, all that stuff. Then Pastor W. said to line up to get our appetizers (consisting of chips, M&Ms, Skittles, and crackers), and once everyone had something we all had to stand up and say our real name, superhero name, and our superpower.
Then we loaded up into 3 different bus-vans, we were in the Whale, with Pastor W. driving. Most people were singing, but I was catching up with Hannah, who arrived back here the 29th.
Dinner (taco salad) was at the W's house, and a lot of us decided humidity didn't matter and so ate outside.
Dessert was at the T's house, 37th floor of a 47-story building. Most elevators here are super-slow and get REALLY annoying... not this one - it was so fast, and went so high up my ears popped. It felt like I'd always imagined a rocket... except slower and without the 3g impact. :P
On the way back to the Church, the Whale wouldn't start (about the whale - it's our big, blue bus-van, and it's really old, no air conditioning, smells of the guys, and doesn't always start...), but Pastor W. revved the engine (I think that's what he did, anyway), and it finally started. We sang Veggietales and Disney songs, then were singing "Undignified" really loudly as we pulled back into the Church.
On the way back home with the Rs, we sang rounds with daddy and Rachel... and Dan was sitting there bored half to death.

Laziboy... he sits around while his teddy bops people with his "pillow of death."

Inside the whale. I'm the one on the left.

Dan, Me, Rachel, and Cait. Daniel was the Shade/Shadow, who could disappear into shadow.
I was the Unidentified Superhero, and could shoot hot glue out of my fingers.
Rachel had an endless supply of junk in her pockets,
And Cait was Super Cordelia Time Traveler.

Eating outside at the W.'s.

Elisabeth's "dry ice cream," aka an ice cream sundae without the ice cream.

Utensil Man, coming to the rescue of something, can't remember what it was... since 1975.

And, Pastor W., aka Bathroom Boy... with the ability to smell like a toilet... that's Pastor W. for you...

Me, Rachel, and Cait.

A bunch of people, including the SuperMaids, Cereal Girl and Milk Girl (bringing milk and cereal to hungry people).

Hannah (Pink - spreading the pink!), and Elisabeth.

Other supers..

Supermom - had the ability to cook better than two guys in the youth group who cook really well, ground you if you diss her cooking, and hit you over the head with a cookbook if you diss her cooking.

SuperMary and SuperLamb... from Mary Had a Little Lamb...

Those were just the good ones. There were about 40 youth there... and we didn't get home until midnight, so I'm really tired.

The Unidentified Superhero.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

About meself... the super-long version:

I tend to be awful at writing about myself, it’s not something I do a lot, and I greatly dislike doing it. One warning before I start: I often get side tracked or start to ramble. So be forewarned. As you’ve already seen, my name is Kyleigh, though most places online I go by Ky or Kyleian. I’m fourteen, and my dad is a pilot with an airline in the Middle-East. So I live out in a tent in the middle of the desert. Well, not really. We do have desert campouts in the winter when it’s cool enough, but normally I live in a house with painfully hard marble floors. I have three siblings, and I’ve always wished for more. I’m the second oldest and the second tallest. For now. We’re a rather short family, I’m 5’ 1 ½” (if even)… All four of us kids are homeschooled, and have been basically our whole lives – my parents were in language school for 2 years, in which my older sister (4) and I (2) went to pre-school, Kindergarten, and first grade at schools in Jordan. I love school, God has blessed with a love for learning none of my other siblings seem to have. This coming school year I will be taking both French and Arabic, geometry, Chemistry, Logic, Medieval-Early Renaissance History and Literature, art, and PE… well, kinda for the art and PE. It’s more of a draw-something-once-a-week and be-sure-to-go-swimming-or-run-around every day. I do have fencing two-three times a week, though, and love playing with swords. Besides swords (and other old-fashioned weapons such as bow-and-arrows), I love dance, music, writing, and books. I don’t dance as much as I did previously, we moved to the Middle-East about a year ago, and none of the dance schools here met our standards (actually now there is one that does, but it’s not technically a school, and I kept up with ballet for so long in the states because of the atmosphere at the school we were at). I do dance around the house still, it’s kind of hard to marché down the stairs without getting hurt. I’m constantly listening to music, and when I’m not I’m making it – I play guitar, piano, and violin (piano and violin just picked up from my siblings), and this school year I’m (Lord willing) taking viola or oboe. I love to sing as well, however I’m not very good and my voice isn’t very high so it’s a bit tricky to sing a lot of songs I like. My favorite genres are classical, Contemporary Christian, country, and soft rock. The artists I listen to most are Third Day, ApologetiX, Jars of Clay, Blesk, Eisley, Sara Groves, Michael Card, Bethany Dillon, Newsboys, Delirious?, and Nichole Nordeman. I love to write, but some days I don’t feel like it or am stuck in one of my stories, so instead I’ll read or draw. I’ll draw anything if I have a good idea, but the outcome isn’t always the best. :) Usually I’ll go on reading streaks, when I’ll read almost non-stop for a few days to two weeks. I read mostly historical fiction and fantasy, but I love sci-fi and biography as well. I loathe romance. Usually. My favorite authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, Brian Jacques, C.S. Lewis, Lois Walfrid Johnson, and Douglas Bond. My favorite books, er, well, the top few other than my Bible, would be (in no particular order) Viking Quest series, Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, The Last Sin Eater, Quo Vadis, The Bronze Ladder, They Loved to Laugh, and The Princess Bride.

We don’t watch many movies in our house, but I seem to go on movie-watching streaks as well, where I just feel like watching movies. My favorites would be Ladyhawke, National Treasure, Les Miserables, Facing the Giants, Princess Bride, and MirrorMask. A few random facts: I love hot glue guns, techno music, duct tape, cookies, masks, song parodies, and grapefruits. Well, this is getting rather long, so cookies to all who are still reading, and goodbye.

I just felt like posting. :)
And this is my new bio for So I thought I'd share it here... so I'm not quite 14 yet, but by the time I'm completely finished writing it and everything, I will be. It's only three days.

Fencing tonight! I'm gonna get killed... unless it's only me and Mr. Seraj. That would be nice, a one-on-one fencing session my first night back.

*shoots a hot glue gun at a beetle walking by* *Kapow*


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Phantom of the Opera... in Techno.

Something you probably didn't know about me is that I like techno music.

Quite a lot.

Anyway, while I was in Yemen, we got on the topic of music when we were in the car with some friends. And one guy told me about the Phantom of the Opera... in techno.
Sadly, I can't seem to find it anywhere, but I did find this:
(don't pay any attention to the video, it's just the music)

And I've listened to it about 10 times already today. I love it.

Well, what else... the youth group progressive dinner is coming up on Thursday. You have to make up a super hero, and go as that. I know what I'm doing, but it's a secret.

I have a follow-up doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Pray for that.

School starts next Sunday, but I may start some tomorrow. This year, I have:
- Medieval/Early Rennaissance Literature
- Medieval/Early Rennaissance History
- French
- Arabic
- Logic
- Geometry
- Chemistry
- PE
- Bible
- Art

Cait and I may be doing a debate book with daddy as well, but we're not exactly sure. And of those, only 6 are daily. So I don't have too much every day. I'm actually looking forward to it a lot.
If I like Chemistry and Geometry, my sophmore year will be a blast.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well, that was an eventful day.

Okaaay... so, I was gone most of the afternoon and evening.

Because we thought I had appendicitis. Yeah, I went to the bathroom and ended up on the floor, doubled over in pain. I spent half an hour lying on mom and dad's bed while they figured out what to do, finally we made an appointment with the doctor.

He diagnosed me with appendicitis.

At this point I started getting really scared, thinking I would have to have an operation. Which in my mind means lotsa needles. Which scares me. A lot.

I went to the ER in American Hospital. By now the pain was almost gone except for when I moved around.

I saw a nurse, questions, answers, etc. Got sent to a room. Waited for a while. The pain subsided a little bit more.

Finally, a doctor came, by then it was basically gone. He said, no it's not appendicitis, the only symptom I had was the pain, nothing more. So, we could either leave (by the way, by now it's like, 6 PM) or get some more tests done.

I ended up getting my blood drawn. And I hate needles... well, more like I'll sometimes almost faint if I have to get my blood drawn, shots aren't quite as bad, though. And then she left the thing in so I could be hooked up to a drip/IV if needed. So basically, for like, 3 hours, I have this needle stuck in my wrist and it's really uncomfortable.

Anyways. Then I had 3 ultrasounds. Yuck.

And it turns out I may have a cyst on a couple organs. What that means, we're not exactly sure yet. Just pray - for me, and for wisdom for the doctors. And that maybe, maybe, whatever is there will be gone by my next doctor's appointment.

So yeah... that's mostly what happened today.

Pretty scary.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Swimming and Conferences.

-100th post!!!

So... today was boring.
Nobody was around, Luz got back from the states yesterday, so she's really worn out.
I didn't feel like going to see Karin until this evening, and she was out horseback riding.

We went swimming tonight, though.
That was probably the highlight of my day, even though now I'm all tuckered out. Swam about 50 laps. Mom was giving me tips, which got me tired out, ya know, different ways of doing things, etc. I still can't do a proper turn, though.
I was mostly kicking and doing breathing stuff, because I still use a noseplug and am trying to break that... I do play water polo and stuff without it, though.

Mom and a bunch of others have been emailing about the conference this October.
They're trying to get speakers for the youth.
I'd much rather it be like last year, where we did our own thing in the afternoon, and helped with the kids and creche in the morning.
There is one thing that's making me look forward to going again, though, even though neither Joy nor Sharon will be there. :(

Not much has been going on.

Oasis Game Night is tomorrow, with Marble Slab at Ibn Btutta to end it. Yum!

So yeah. That's pretty much what I've been doing lately.


PS - I videoed my room today...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rambling Post

I just felt like making a post where I semi-ramble.
Cuz I haven't done that in a while.

So Saturday we went to the thrift store with Rachel and Mrs. R. I didn't find much there, just a pair of pajama bottoms and a really pretty Medieval looking dress. Mrs. R and Nate walked to their apartment while we bought our stuff and drove over there. Nate and Daniel came down, and Rachel, Cait, and I went up. We tried on all of our "new" clothes, then took a bunch of random pictures.
Be warned, some of them are kinda... :p

Cait says: Rawr!!!

Cait's scared of santa....

Uh... heheh...

Then we got back into normal clothes and watched some videos from when the R's were younger - Rachel at 4 doing the Highland Fling, etc... And we watched Timeline, which had a great plot and was good except for a bunch of swearing. Seriously, though, it sounded like they were swearing just for the fun of it or something.

So yesterday nobody was around. Not on email, AP, A-U, not in real life, either. I got some stuff ready to start school again, like got out the logic books and such. I helped mom with dinner. Okay, so I peeled a couple juicy carrots (I know, who calls carrots juicy but me... and maybe Bugs Bunny...), potatoes... and learned how to cut cauliflower and cabbage. I know, it seems strange - I don't know how to run a dishwasher and are awful at remembering how to do laundry as well - those have always been Cait's jobs.

I didn't sleep well last night, I have a nasty cold, probably from air conditioning, mom says.
So I went to bed at 10:30, woke up at 2:03, then didn't really get back to sleep. Got up at 5:54.
I'm not feeling too tired, though, and I'm getting my nice alone time in the morning.


How was that for rambling?
I tend to do it when I'm not trying to, and when I try to, it doesn't turn out well, there's nothing funny or bright in any of it.

Oh well.

Let's see.
Pray for people all over as school is starting up.


Saturday, August 18, 2007


Shane started a topic over on the Apricot Pie Message Board the other day.
Let me warn you before you read it, just cuz AP is a homeschool forum, not everyone on there is Christian.


What does it mean?

Involves honesty
Looks to God, not main.
Brings peace.
Prays for God's victory.
(Psalm 3)

Hebrews 11:1,3,6.
"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen..... by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible....And without faith it is impossible to please [God], for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him."

Basically it's to beleive in someone and their abilities. Wether those abilities are to do your laundry and make you dinner every night or the abilities are to save billions of people, take them to heaven and love them all. Personally, I feel that faith is a sign of a lazy mind.

"If I beleive really hard that it will happen, then it will"

If something confuses you and you are faithful towards your lord, then it is much eaiser to have a "god did it, I have faith that he knows what's best so I won't question him" attitide.

Because no christians have actually seen god and lived to tell about it; faith is the only link that god and his followers really have.

"If I beleive really hard that god is real, then he is"

I believe in the existence of God and gravity.

Faith, isn't so much believing that something is true that obviously isn't. It's not like that at all. To me it's unwavering certainty that something is true. An unquestionable conviction. For example, it's an unquestionable conviction in my mind that gravity exist, has a direct effect on my life, and even determines somewhat where I'll be in the future. It forces me to stay on the ground, which has a direct effect on my life. It also determines that I'm likely to be on the ground ten days from now as well. Oh yes, it's confining and controlling, gravity isn't it? I mean after all, who would want something that forces everyone to stick to the ground instead of being free to do their own thing? Perhaps, I should enlighten myself and start trying to defy gravity! Perhaps if I join up with a bunch of other like-minded folks and we stand around and shout "There is no gravity." we can eventually evade this restrictive force. Now, I can't see gravity, taste gravity, don't really have a comprehensible feeling of it though I'd certainly feel it's absence. can't smell it, hear it, or otherwise be sure of it's existence via the normal methods of direct observation. Tell me, what would you say if I said gravity doesn't exist? It's a perfectly logical observation isn't it? Gravity cannot exist because nobody has ever seen it, am I not correct? There may be, after all other interpretations as to way things stick to the ground, perhaps we just think things stick to the ground or maybe there is little particles of a glue like substance that for unknown reasons prefers to be on whatever side is down, which also pulls things down to the floor unless a stronger force pulls it back up. It's obviously a myth, I mean how can I believe in something nobody has ever seen!

Or perhaps, maybe gravity does exist, but that can't be, it after all sets certain rules and limitations on me, so I prefer to deny it's existence rather then face the obvious truth for what it is.

To me, it takes so much more faith, by the definition of believing in something just to make it real, to believe that things like gravity and God do not exist, then it does to accept the truth for what it is. Let's face it, I'm stuck on the ground and no amount of denying it is going to change that.

Faith is all christians base their beliefs on and its half the reason i am very against christianity. In my experiance when i was a christian a would always ask someone at my church or youth group this question only to dig deeper "What do we have to base on God's existance?" And they would always answer with one simple word "Faith" it drove me crazy "Faith in what?" i mean jeez "based on what?" and we'd just go in circles with it. All i came down to was we had blind faith in a guy who no one even knew exisited... and if i said that what i'd get was "You have to have faith" BUT FAITH IN WHAT!!???!!! Faith really is blind all it is, is a cover up an excuse to believe in some dude that probly does not excist and surely doesnt care if he does. I could kill myself tomorrow and he wouldnt care just send me to hell for not believing in him. So Faith is really pointless all we do is waste our time having faith in him and we have no basis. I truly want to know why we should have faith in God without any reason. I want proof not lies.

You want proof?

You got proof.

Look all around you. You really think that all this stuff was formed by chance and a big bang? And the Bible has been tested... and it's the most accurate ancient document. Ever.
Sorry but Korn's latest song "Evolution" makes much more sense then the pack of lies the bible's telling us, Not That i believe in Evolution but its not as silly as the bible deffinatly.
For proof, the Bible doesn't put forth creation as it's primary example but instead turns to Prophecy as it's proof. With 100% accuracy I find it at least something to consider. And considering that nearly all religions have a creation story of sorts, I can see why God would choose to do so. However, it's pretty much only blind to those who have forgotten how to see. Silent to those who have forgotten how to listen, therefore, I see little point in trying to intellectually convince anyone who cannot see nor hear it. The reason is quite simple, to understand the scriptures, one has to know the author, otherwise it seems foolishness. I understand why Christianity and the Bible seems very much a myth and foolishness to you.

I think the question you are asking is why do bad things happen to good people. I don't know. I've heard it said that there are no good people. I don't know if I agree with that, for one there is one good person who had bad things happen. Considered good by God's standard, he was accused of crimes he didn't commit, even executed. It's kind of like the question the pharisees asked Jesus, "Who sinned? This man or his parents?" about a crippled man. Jesus didn't agree with them. Perhaps "Why do bad things happen to good people?" is indeed a valid, reasonable question. I only wish I knew how to answer it. Perhaps it is true that there are no good people. But still the question remains. Why do bad things happen? Isn't God sovereign, all powerful, able to do anything? Yes. Then why do bad things happen? My only answer that I know is so that Love can truly exist in it's truest, purest, form. In order for love to exist and be true love there has to be a choice. My guess is, that bad things happen because we have the ability to chose or reject God. But think about it, if God forced you to love him against your will, would that be love? By it's very definition it is not love, but hate to deny someone the choice. The choice to love is the answer I believe. Freedom to choose to love God or to reject him. It's that freedom to choose to hate God that allows for pain. Since God is good, rejecting him, naturally leads to evil. It's the natural result, but the required result for love to exist between God and Man. Furthermore, God doesn't want perfect people, he want's redeemed people. People who have personally, individually made the choice to love him. I believe God loves all but respects the choice of the individual. In other words he purposely forsakes his sovereignty so that you can choose to hate him. Without men being able to choose evil, and therefore reject God, who is good, yes, we would have a perfect world, but it would be a world of pseudo-love. A false relationship.

All this brings about the question. Why hell? Because justice, ultimately requires payment, either by the individual who committed the crime or a perfect sacrifice in place of the individual. But justice doesn't rest. Again it boils down to the goodness of God. A good God, must be a just God. Imagine if you will an unjust God. It would not be a good God. Which is why Jesus coming to earth to be that perfect sacrifice is so important. That's the importance of the cross, again, to lay the choice of Heaven or Hell upon the individual. Making it your own choice on where to spend eternity. In other words, if you don't want to be with God, then you have the choice to reject him, and get your wish, but what that means, and I have to be honest, is that justice still needs to be paid out. It's a requirement of a good God. Choice again is the key here.

Freedom to love. You can choose to love or hate God, but it is your choice.

If you wish for practical proof of true, real, Christianity I suggest looking at the persecuted church for answers. There has got to be something real about it for those people to endure the incredible evils that get thrown against them. Explain the persecuted church please. What makes it so powerful if God doesn't exist? It's a reasonable question that concerns an actual issue going on in the world today. Those people believe in God enough to not deny Him under hardships most of the west can't even imagine a human being putting on another human being.

It all comes down to your choice really.

Shows how off topic we get over there.
But that's not my point.
So what's faith in your definition?

Give it a think.


Strange Things

It still seems strange being back... the strangest things:

- The heat. Whoo, it's so much hotter here, yesterday walking into the mall I was starting to sweat.
- Wearing seatbelts. Yeah, I spent 12 days in Yemen without a seatbelt. And now I'm almost forgetting to wear them.
- Being able to drink from the tap... I'm not really supposed to, the water here doesn't have many vitamins or whatever, so we're supposed to drink water that comes from the delievery, but I still drink tap water anyways.
- Being back online... stupid Macs wouldn't let me send mail from the server.
- Not wearing a sheyla/scarf when I go out - that's kinda nice.
- Air conditioning.

That's just some of it. There's so much more strange stuff about being back, but some of it I can't quite figure out.

Oh, and if weird things start happening, then don't be worried, I'm trying to work out how to put my custom layout in.

Other things:
I have a nasty cold. Sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing...
Fencing starts up again tonight! Hurrah!


Thursday, August 16, 2007


Okay, I dunno how this'll work, but okay.
The link is to my photobucket album. The sub-albums are from Yemen.

I didn't put all the pictures up, there were about 400, both from my camera and the P's - and the family one still has a bunch.

But okay:
Yemen is stuff from my camera - Lotsa pictures!
Yemen 2 is stuff from the P's camera - fewer pictures and better quality.
Best of Yemen is the best stuff...


I'm Back!

Okay, so ya'll are wanting to know how my trip to Yemen was... well...

August 4:
5 am - Got up, got dressed, left for the airport.
7:30-ish - plane took off.
8:10-ish, Yemen Time - Stepped off of the plane into a beautiful country.
I LOVE it here... it's so poor, but so beautiful. Anyway, today after the P's picked us up, we got our permits to go to Mahwheet, then went to the P's, talked, ate, and played Mau. Then we left for the Old City and spent a while shopping there.
Then we went to a restaurant - they served us bread, then baked fish (literally, a baked fish). And then the kibde... liver. Surprisingly, I really liked it - even after Joy and Grace told us what it was.

August 5:
This morning, the place where we were staying was out of water. :P
The P's came by and we left for Mahwheet, talking, singing, playing games, and counting sheep, cows, and donkeys on the way. I took LOTS of pictures at the villages along the way.
When we got to Mahwheet, we got settled in the hotel, which, BTW, has European toilets and bathrooms in each room - a "Wow" in Yemen. We ordered dinner, then sat in the Majlis for a while. After dinner we played Bus Stop in the Majlis.

August 6:
For breakfast we went to a Yemeni restraunt, and ordered kibde, beans, peas, bread, and tea. YUM! Then we drove up to an overlook and sat/climbed around there for a while before heading back to the hotel and packing up. We went down to a wadi and hiked there for a while, then drove back up to the city. We drove back to Sana'a, unpacked and ate. We watched Bride and Prejudice after dinner... it's hilarious...

August 7:
After breakfast, we drove to the House on the Rock overlook, took a few pictures, shot a BB gun. Then we drove down to House on the Rock and climbed/looked around there for a while.
We drove back to the P's and ate lunch. Joy, Grace, Nate, and I decided to play badmitton. Heh... Nate got it onto the neighbor's awning, and after we FINALLY got it down, we didn't feel like playing. The parents had a meeting, so we watched Merry Christmas Mr. Bean and Babette's Feast.

August 8:
Mom, Dad, and everyone else left this morning back to Dubai. Mrs. P picked me up and took me to their house, then Joy and I talked for a while. We planned our movie, played Mille Bornes, Take Two, and the dictionary game. After lunch, we worked out our schedule, then went to the mall, walked around and got ice cream. This evening we watched Facing the Giants.

August 9:
This morning after quiet time, Joy and I walked to the store, then beaded, talked, and drew. After lunch we played Phase10, then got ready to play frisbee.
End score:
Flying Monkeys (them) - 16
Prickly Platypuses (us) - 15
We made a brilliant comeback though, from the end of the second half when we were at 4-8.
And the Flying Monkeys had some pretty stupid cheers... Like really stupid.

Then in the evening some people came over and we roasted stuff over the fire.

August 10:
After Church we played with the toddlers, then went out for pizza. Megan came over and we filmed a few movie scenes, then played Phase 10 and baseball.

August 12:
Yesterday Anna and Megan came over and we filmed the movie. In the evening we went to a little Indian boy's birthday party.

Today we made lunch, ate breakfast and went to Bayt Bose for the day with some friends and their 4 kids. We hiked, explored, and played with the kids. Then we loaded stuff we'd videod onto the computer. The P's have Macs and they're driving me craaazy....

August 13:
This morning we went to Coffee Trader for elevensies. It was yummy and we had a fun time. IN the afternoon, the V's came over and after lunch Grace gave us the "Manners Test," which got pretty amusing after a while. We played silent football, James had to apologize to Mrs. P for stealing her best china cup the other day... We also played a game like psychiatrist.
I read Nory Ryan's Song in the afternoon when Joy and Grace had orthodontist appointments, then we watched MirrorMask in the evening.

August 14:
This morning we got ready and put sunscreen on, then left for the pool, picking up some people on the way. We were throwing around splat bombs for a while, then raced (I got second, really suprised!). We played Water Polo after that, stopped when we were tied, 9-9. More splat bombs, then showers, tehn we left. On the way back we were talking about music.
IN the evening we went to a Yemeni wedding, well, it was just a blessing for the groom, but it was still a good experience.
We came back and had burgers and baboos for dinner, then checked mail and played around with Photobooth. I guess Macs aren't ALL bad, but they're MOSTLY bad.

August 15:
This morning we burned the DVDs and put pictures onto my jump drive. Then we watched A Cinderella Story. Kinda quoteable, but had a really mushy ending.
After lunch we went and played frisbee. For my part, it was a better game than last time. Then we came back, changed, and left for dinner at a Greek place, then bowled. Fun!

August 16:
Last night and now there's this strange emotion... I dunno what it is. Is it that I'm excited to go home, but sad to leave Yemen? Or is it something else, something... well, I won't say.
Later - I still can't figure it out. We've not taken off yet, but just sitting here looking out the window at Sana'a and the moutnains is making me sad.
I know I'd like to work in the Arab world some day... is God trying to tell me it's Yemen?
It's like in Painting Pictures of Egypt, by Sara Groves:
"I don't wanna leave here, I don't wanna stay, it feels like pinching to me either way..."

Later - I got to wait in the first class lounge before we boarded. It was sweet.
Now I"m listening to "Concert Hall" On the airplane. And it's the processional from Pomp and Circumstance.

Anyway... I'm working on getting a photobucket album together of my trip to Yemen.

Could ya'll pray for me? I dunno what for... but yeah.


Thursday, August 2, 2007


Okay, so today started out well... I loaded our videos from the trip onto the computer and onto Pinnacle studios. I got the first DVD burned, with a disc menu and all... now I can't seem to get it to work, been trying for almost an hour now. And I REALLY want to get this done before we leave for Yemen on Saturday morning. Meaning, I'd have to burn the second DVD tonight, then get the other one burning tomorrow morning before we leave for Church, then when we get home I'd be done.

But no, Pinnacle doesn't want to get the disc menu done the same way again... I don't even know how I did it before...

Seriously, Windows Movie Maker is a LOT easier... much simpler, much easier... 'course, when you get good at it, there's not as much, but Pinnacle just drives me nuuuts...

Anywaaaaaaay.... could ya'll pray for our trip to Yemen? Just for safety and an encouraging time.