Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Worldview of a Five Year Old

Today Cait and I went over to the Rohde's for a fun time... Kayla and I talked for a while, then we ate and were talking with the older girls - Cait, Ashley, Jessica, Dayna, and Katie. Jessica taught us a song about a frog... uhh...
"Mm-eh went the little green frog one day,
Mm-eh went the little green frog,
Mm-eh went the little green frog one day,
And his eyes went mm-eh too.
Beep beep went the big red truck one day,
Beep beep went the big red truck.
Splat splat went the little green frog one day,
(something about his eyes no longer going mm-eh...)
Lick lick when the .... dog one day..."

Rats, I can't remember the rest of it.
Then we went up to Baskin Robbins and got a whole bunch of ice cream... you know, the carton ones you get there... 2 of those... and we ate most of it. Then we walked back and Kayla and I talked some and then watched the older girls play mau for a while. Then we had to go...

BUT the main reason I'm writing today is because of a conversation I had with Judson - the 5 year old where we're staying. It started out with him saying something about "We're supposed to love your enemies..." then him saying "I have Jesus in my heart because I go to Church." I explained that we had to believe - and here he cut me off and very seriously told me what we as Christians believed. I was like, WOW. My 6 year old sister doesn't know this stuff very well. And the way he said it - I could tell he really knew it. You wanna know how he closed? "And He's real, too."

Well, think about that for a while. I thought it was pretty cool.

I'll post my comments on Gregor the Overlander and such, but be warned that there is a spoiler. A very BIG spoiler... well, kinda.

Well, I closed the book and just sat there. Totally different ending than I'd expected. I'd just spent the whole book thinking of other ways... like that the warrior was someone different in this case, it was paralleled with the monster... you know. I still don't fully understand how the whole "when the warrior has been killed"/breaking of the sword thing worked out. What else... I cried when Thalia died... but I didn't when Ares did - I just felt sick. I guess it's mainly cuz Hazard (along with Lizzie and Mareth) is my favorite character. Overall, I loved them. However... there was definately too much between Luxa and Gregor. WAY too much. MAYBE if they were 17. But at 12? No. So, those are my thoughts.



Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Lots of get togethers....

Saturday I went to Emily's... at first we jumped on the trampoline - yes, in the rain. We were thoroughly soaked by the time we got off. After a little while Naomi came and we talked, ate, and then went up to the park where we ran around in a field with Emily's dog, Diego. That dog is MASSIVE. When we got back, we were playing outside, then we watched about 20 minutes of TTT, then ate dinner (er, they did, I wasn't feeling too good). We went outside and were playing out there... we must have looked pretty funny - me in my cloak, Emily and I in skirts, it raining out, all of us running around and shouting, and all of us carrying "weapons."
It was fun.

Note to self: make more larps, but play around with how you make them... double bladed one, lighter weight...

Sunday we went to both Churches; English and Arabic. Daddy spoke at both, so now I've heard about all our stuff about 50 times - at people's houses and at Churches... well, not quite 50, but still. After the Arabic service, we went to the Nasr's. Nicole and I mostly played with Grace, Faith, and Candace, but we did talk some.

Monday morning I went to Anna's. When I first got there we talked and showed each other art work, then I showed her some pictures. We ate lunch and ran around outside for a bit, then Leah came and we talked for a bit, then went outside and were playing around with Leah's camera. We got some pretty neat pictures. (which Leah will be posting some of on her blog... see link over on the side). We talked inside for a while, and then went to the Oasis Memorial Day picnic. Where we basically just talked and walked around a bit... and I blew grass whistles. And tried to make a truce with Paul... *shakes head* What did I get for trying to be friendly? "Truce denied, it's too much fun being enemies." I guess we never agree on anything anyway, not even what kind of grass you use to blow grass whistles.

I've been totally emersing myself in the Underland for a few days now, I'm almost halfway through the fifth book. The fourth and fifth are my favorites. But I won't know if the fifth is my favorite until the end, I s'pose.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Past few days

Happy Birthday, Candace!! She's 6 today!

The 23rd: Instead of sitting around at the McMillans doing nothing, I got to go to art class with Anna. Yayness! I'll post what we drew when I can get ahold of a scanner. Seeing our old house was weird... then we visited some old neighbors and went to an Arab family's house. I spent most of that time drawing.

The 24th: In the morning the Bennet's brought Einstein bagels for breakfast (yummy... I ate 2 1/2, plus a bunch of MASSIVE strawberries - the small ones were huge!). After they left I practiced my guitar for a while, played the piano, and watched part of Little House on the Pararie (Season 3). Dad, Nate, and Candace got home from somewhere, and we all watched Charlotte's Web as a family. The one with Dakota Fanning - it was good. In the evening we went to the Cherry's for dinner. I borrowed the first Underland Chronicles (Gregor the Overlander, The Prophecy of Bane) from them, and I've already finished the first one. I love them! They may seem a bit young, but they're still reaaaaaaaally good.

Today: Mom went to get her liscense renewed, and I watched more Little House, then read some. We went over to the Sauve's (, bringing them a meal of cheese bread and zatar, along with the spinach pies, meat pies, and some other sort of pies. Mrs. Sauve showed us around the house, and Christianna, Grace, Cait, and I were playing with their Chinchillas for a while. After lunch, we went out front and pulled weeds and did other gardening for a while. It was fun helping them, and we've also not done any gardening for a long time - I've trimmed our bushes and straightened the front yard before, but not any actual gardening. After the Sauves, we came back to the Swifts (where we're staying), and then headed off to the Simnowitz's. Nate played with Matthew and Michael while Candace tagged along, and I watched Jonathan for a while, and then read and drew some (I got a pretty good one done - of Matthias in my book).

(Edit - that was yesterday, we had to run out of the door for the Simnowitzs... today Cait and Daddy are driving up to Alma for the Alma Highland Games, and I'm going over to Emily's for a while, and Naomi and Micaiah are going to be there... what a day for rain.)


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

MI and God's Grace

Wish I could stick a quote from Princess bride (the book) right here, but I can't think of any good ones, so I won't.
Anyways, we're in Michigan now, but almost weren't. We got to the airport, and my dad had left his bag in the rental car - his bag that had all our tickets, his laptop, etc. Thankfully, we got it back pretty quickly - the rental place found it and sent it on the next bus out. Then, in security, we found out my mom's ID has expired. We didn't have her passport, birth certificate or anything with us, so she had to go back to check-in and get something done with her boarding pass.
The whole time we were fretting we'd miss our flight somehow... but then we found out we had gotten to the airport 2 hours early - our flight left at 2:40, not 12:40 - my dad had screwed up times for getting there and leaving. So we had been there at 10:40.
We sat around and played mau for a while, ate lunch, and then got on the plane... it went smoothly... then we got to Denver, and had a 20 minute connection - we were in Denver for about 2 minutes. Out of the plane - onto the next, buckle up, leave. We weren't sure that our luggage had made it - praise God, it had!!!!!!

God is great, sing his praise
Fill the earth, fill the heavens...
Yesterday we went over to the pastor of our Arabic Churches house and played with their 3 kids - Faith, Grace, and Ibrahim. They were all adorable - Faith is only 5, Grace is 2, and Ibrahim is 1. After that we left for the A's, which was LOADS of fun. At first Dayna, Cait, and I were talking, then we ate, and after dessert Darren brought out the larps. So Nate, Danny, Darren, and I larped for a while. Danny, who's done some fencing, and I tried to fence with the larps, but they (although smaller than ours) were a bit too heavy. It was fun, though, I haven't larped someone of about equal skill in a loooong time - so it was a long fight. In our second duel, though, I backed into a rose bush, so my left arm is covered in scratches. okay, it was covered in scratches, only 3 stayed. Then we put the larps away and went to the park, where we played tag for a while. I got blisters on my hand from doing the monkey bars so much, and slipped a whole lot on this one bridge that was broken, and then just as we were about to leave, I made the wrong choice and turned the wrong way and I got stuck up on something you go under, hanging by my hand... so I have a big scratch from that.. all on my left side. As usual.
Anywho, today we're going to the McM's, and then to our old house.
Probably not quite as fun as yesterday, but not every day can be that fun...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Welcome to NY...

This was on Friday:
Welcome to New York, mate.

Everything on Emirates went fine - we got our luggage checked fine, got through security fine, and the flight went fine. (Food was yummy - 'cept breakfast was weird.... - and we watched 4 movies - I watched Night at the Museum, Miss Potter, Flicka, and PotC1. Mucho fun.)

But we land at JFK airport, an hour late, with an hour to make our connection. We get through customs and passport check easily... get our luggage.... and this is where the trouble starts.
To sum it up, I hate JFK airport.We missed our flight because of the way the terminals for Delta are, and the next flight out was overbooked. So now we're at Holiday Inn overnight and most of today. It was fun, though - so far we've played mau and signs as a family.

I started reading Quo Vadis. It's reaaaaaaaaaaaaally good so far. I've hit a breakthrough in my writing as well.

Prayer requests:
1. No-stress.... patience with each other, etc.
2. That our flight today wouldn't get delayed or anything and that everything would go smoothly and that we'd get to Washington safely. And a praise that we've gotten safely this far.


Now we're in WA...
Saturday I finished writing Part 2 of my story (yay!). The cousins all came over and we played Capture the Flag, and Hannah and I watched Little Women. Today we went to Church and then celebrated Nate's birthday over Brunch. When the K's get here we'll do gifts and then we'll to Candace's birthday.

Tomorrow we fly to MI.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Testing... just testing to make sure the email to blogger works.

Had a wonderful night on the beach with my Well Group... we danced around at the edge of the water for a little while, then sat down and read some inspiring Bible verses, sang some songs, and prayed. On the way back to the C's we got Ice cream and then at the C's, I looked at skirt patterns.
Then I had to say farewells... especially one to Sharon... their family is heading back to the states to live... hopefully - Lord willing - only temporarily.
Keep them in your prayers.


(next post - from the states!)

He has shown thee, O man, what is good and what the Lord requires of thee. To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. ~Micah 6:8~

One Passion! Livin' For HIM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

'Cuz she's so cute...

Candace and I had a bit of fun yesterday...
I dressed her up in all sorts of stuff and took pictures.

She was supposed to be "sleeping"... couldn't stop laughing, though.

Ride 'em cowboy!

Those aren't all of them, there are about 20 or so, but those are the ones I think are the best.

It's hard to believe she's almost six - I still remember when she was born... I woke up to a baby crying and thought she had been born at home, when really it was a good friend of the family's little boy, because she was babysitting us. I remember making carrot muffins and a banner; taking the muffins to the hospital.
Ah, memories....


Monday, May 7, 2007

Stop and Think.

It's long, but it's well worth it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"I will not run on a Sunday."

Yesterday we watched "Chariots of Fire." And, as after most movies, it left me thinking. I don't run, and I'll most likely never make it to news in fencing. But even still - Eric Liddell said "I won't run on a Sunday," and respected God's law. I've actually already had that problem with fencing. All the tournaments are on Fridays. And, in Dubai, the weekend is Friday-Saturday, and we have Church on Friday. So I've had to say no to all the tournaments so far.
But what about you? What would you have said?