Monday, September 24, 2007

An Update on more than my weekend.

Today on the Rebelution Alex and Brett posted a really good video... in the video I thought Alex's t-shirt looks rather interesting, so I looked it up. You can look at it here
I want to get it, not that I'd wear it in public here, but it'd be one I'd wear around sometimes.
Speaking of the video, you can watch it here. The end gets pretty funny, and the whole report is pretty neat. Before too long I'm gonna be down on my knees begging them to come to the Middle East. :P I guess we are trying to get them out here for Desert Challenge sometime. 'Cuz that would make DC even more awesome than usual.

Nothing much has been going on around here. I wrote a lot this afternoon, my story is drawing to an end, and I'm starting to get really excited about it being done. Then it's only editing and finding a publisher... yeah, right... like any publisher will ever take my story. At least not a good one like RandomHouse, Puffin, or Houghton Mifflin. People are gonna yell at me, I killed off another character. But hey, it makes the end work!

I think Chemistry may be getting better, I at least really like experiments, whether or not I like the rest of it. Geometry is still rather easy, proofs can be a bit annoying, though. Literature is great, I'm having a bit of trouble with the clincher in my paper, but other than that it's goin' well. Bible and History are fine for now, I have a history test coming up in a few weeks, though, and then it's study for that whole week and get the test overwith before another one comes along that I have to study for again. :P I've got a Logic test on Thursday, should be easy enough.

We've watched some good movies lately, the first being A Vow to Cherish, which is a movie about a family in which the wife gets alzheimers disease, and it basically just goes through all their struggles together. I know I mentioned it earlier but felt like doing so again.

The Nativity Story was also good, we enjoyed that one as a family. I thought they did an especially good job with Joseph and Mary, often I forget Mary was a girl not much older than me and never thought about what it would have been like for her to go through.

Godspell was the last one, and although I thought parts were a bit strange, it was powerful, and Cait and I have been singing Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord a lot.

I helped Candace with violin today. I don't officially play myself, but teach myself from her books, so know enough to help her. I felt like a teacher. :P

Re-posting something I posted on my Xanga (I have one because I have some friends who are on Xanga and don't really care for blogger that much, so I just post the same posts here and there)... Jessica had a question of the week thingamagigg and I replied and liked my answer:

I think a lot of people have a low opinion about themselves. We see ourselves as lower than we probably are because I think we see the good in others and most often we see is the bad in us... I know I've found that with myself. There are some things that I'm better than a few people I know at, but I'm not amazing at anything.

But if I were to define myself... I don't really fit any categories, I love sports, but I would never go so far as to call myself a jock, I'm a bit of a nerd compared to some, but not enough that I'd introduce myself like that... I guess... If I were to define myself, I'd say I'm Ky, I'm me. I'm someone trying to become who God wants me to be, whoever that may be. I want to serve Him in any way I can.

I want to go against low expectations put on teenagers, I want to be able to think well, not just quickly. I want to make a difference somehow.

I'm trying to do hard things and save lives for Jesus, and even if I never save a life, I want to be able to encourage lots of Christians.

Still no news from David about the wedding, I hope it went well!
WellGroup went well, we have a HUGE group this year... I'm one of the oldest this year, but only 3 are shorter than me, and one of those is moving soon. :(
I finished Children of Hurin, the ending was a bit sad and depressing and Turin makes me rather mad most of the time, but Tolkien's style and other elements of his writing make it worth it.



bananabint said...

You killed ANOTHER character!??!?! You are so depressing.

Anna said...

Who did you kill??? It better not be Riona. It was hard enough that Anya had to die, and she bore my name. >=b Phoo on you.

Cait said...

not praise ye the name of the Lord, though that's good too!

Kyleian said...

oops... I didn't think that sounded quite right...

I killed Caderyn. Made the ending work. :P

BananaBint said...

DON'T TELL ME!!! I haven't read it all yet!!!

Ilevot, where are YOU!?!

Anna said...

Oh, Caderyn? Ok, fine by me. Haven't got a chance to finish it yet, been really busy with my story.