Sunday, September 23, 2007

A busy weekend.

This weekend was busy... too busy. I had no time to do anything I wanted to do except read a few chapters of the Children of Hurin (great book...). Friday after Church we went out to Abu Dhabi to get some things for our conference over Eid (only a few more weeks! Wha-whoo!!!), and were out there for a while. When we came back we went to Sarah P's birthday party (that was fun, but it went later than I expected and so we got back really late - also dad couldn't pick us up until later cuz he was out visiting).

Saturday the C's came over for Brunch - meaning I couldn't sleep in, whenever we have guests for breakfast I make the fruit salad, which takes a while as we have fresh pineapple in it. Then the R kids came over and after dinner I FINALLY got some stuff done.

Today is our first Well Group, Thursday was the first real Oasis night, I think we're off to a good start this year, we began and ended on time (wow... and the bus was only 5 minutes late... it's usually 20+ minutes late), JW's talk was good, and our book for this year is good so far, too. It's called Pause, and it's on temptation, mostly from Luke, when Jesus is tempted.

We had a vote on whether we should name their baby on the way Luke Ryan Welk*** or Luke Sky Welk*** I didn't put their full last name for security, but it sounds a bit like Skywalker... JW likes Star Wars a bit too much...

So also today, what I'm really happy and sad about is that it's David's wedding... but it's in Salzburg, Austria, so I can't go. :( David was an intern here a year ago, and he c0-led the Orange team - which I was on, best youth group team in the whole world and also helped me a lot with my volleyball.

Yeah... happy wedding day, David!

Oh, and I felt like posting my desktop screenshot.
Click to make it bigger.

*sniffles* Them words are lyrics from a song written to commemorate the Columbia space shuttle explosion February 1, 2003. You can listen to the song here



ariadne said...

Children of Hurin book? I'm always looking for more good books. Who's it by?

Kyleian said...

It's a story by Tolkien that his son finished and then published... really good, a bit depressing and the main character makes me really mad some time, but Tolkien's style and a few things are wonderful.