Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Irish dance!

So today I went to an Irish dance class, fencing was becoming boring and I wasn't getting anywhere.

One Irish dance class and I've already gotten somewhere. :P

The good news was there was another girl there just starting, and since it was a higher up class (the lower ones were all little kids...), it was nice to have another beginner there. I already knew a few steps and stuff from my cousin, so I didn't learn anything new, er, any new steps, I did learn a few technique things, like always making sure your ankles are crossed, making sure I don't turn out, etc... stuff like that.

I think I'm going to keep up with it... I hope so, I had lots of fun today.



ariadne said...

Cool! I'd like to do Irish dance someday. The performance i saw was fun.

Anna said...

I wonder if there are any beginners at the ballet class I'm going to. It's grouped by age. I start next week! yay!

bananabint said...

Wow that sounds fun! That's nice about the other girl. Make sure to keep us posted on what's happening!

Autumn said...

So you quit fencing totally, or are you just taking a break? Haha, you can change the title of your other blog to "Scribblings of a Barefoot Irish Dancer."
I love Irish dancing. It looks like so much fun. But I am not coordinated to do ANY kind of dancing!