Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today I decided to do some gardening. I forgot to take a picture before I got started, but this is what the backyard looks like, and the front looked a good deal like that before I got started.

Just a mixture of sand, rocks, leaves, and roots.

I spent about 2 hours out there, clearing away the rocks and leaves, then flattening it out and spreading soil on it, then making it look nice.

I think it looks rather pretty, don't you? I still haven't planted flowers, it's a good deal too hot to do that yet. (102F today... I still decided to go outside and do it, putting on sunscreen).

If you've worked around sand, you'll know what it does to you... so this is what my arms looked like when I was done:

And my face:

There's sand between my eyebrows... and I'm sunburnt... and my glasses are off because I got sand on them and my hands were to dirty to get them cleaned.

I was gonna say something else, but now I can't remember.

We watched a movie tonight. "A Vow To Cherish." Very sad... all of us were crying, then we were talking about my grampa, who had Alzheimers before he died.

I started reading The Children of Hurin this afternoon. It's sooo good so far, and Alan Lee's illustrations are absolutely stunning. If only I could draw like that.

Oh, now I remember. Apart from my own schoolwork I've started helping Nate and Candace some every day. I did spelling with them a few days ago, and today I helped them with their science project, one I'd done a long time ago.
And chemistry has become plain out evil. It's just making the world more complicated. Okay, so converting measurements was useful, but all these formulas for heat and energy... if anyone can tell me the point of chemistry. please, please do!

Oops, just remembered, I have a geometry test I need to review for... should go before it gets too late.



bananabint said...

Oh I just LOVE that picture of you. NOT!


ariadne said...

you look exhausted.
ick. i hate gardening. dirty.

Autumn said...

It looks great! I hadn't seen a pictue of you before. You look like a nice person. =)