Thursday, August 16, 2007


Okay, I dunno how this'll work, but okay.
The link is to my photobucket album. The sub-albums are from Yemen.

I didn't put all the pictures up, there were about 400, both from my camera and the P's - and the family one still has a bunch.

But okay:
Yemen is stuff from my camera - Lotsa pictures!
Yemen 2 is stuff from the P's camera - fewer pictures and better quality.
Best of Yemen is the best stuff...



ariadne said...

WOW, the kids are soooo cute!

Heehee, you're funny. What are you doing in that alcove, anyway?

That stained-glass window is GORGEOUS!

Autumn said...

I bet that you had so much fun!

ariadne said...

I am so excited! The guys from my care group(shepherding group, small group) came home, and today another guy from church returned from England. Everyones back! I think.

Kyleigh said...

Oh, Yay, Ariadne!
Glad everyone got back safely!

The alcove was just a place at House on the Rock... and all of us kids kept running ahead to surprise the parents in some way or another, hiding in a closet or being statues in an alcove.

Yeah, I love those windows... they're called something but I can't remember - basically everywhere has them.

BananaBint said...

Wow! I love the pictures! Those kids ARE so cute! That girl with the brown shirt and backwords baseball cap looks really nice! Sorry, kinda being a little random! (:

Anna said...

What's Bride and Prejudice about?

Kyleigh said...

It's a Bollywood spoof on Pride and Prejudice.

Anna said...

But what's it about? And what's Bollywood?