Saturday, August 18, 2007

Strange Things

It still seems strange being back... the strangest things:

- The heat. Whoo, it's so much hotter here, yesterday walking into the mall I was starting to sweat.
- Wearing seatbelts. Yeah, I spent 12 days in Yemen without a seatbelt. And now I'm almost forgetting to wear them.
- Being able to drink from the tap... I'm not really supposed to, the water here doesn't have many vitamins or whatever, so we're supposed to drink water that comes from the delievery, but I still drink tap water anyways.
- Being back online... stupid Macs wouldn't let me send mail from the server.
- Not wearing a sheyla/scarf when I go out - that's kinda nice.
- Air conditioning.

That's just some of it. There's so much more strange stuff about being back, but some of it I can't quite figure out.

Oh, and if weird things start happening, then don't be worried, I'm trying to work out how to put my custom layout in.

Other things:
I have a nasty cold. Sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing...
Fencing starts up again tonight! Hurrah!



BananaBint said...

I LOVE IT!!!! It's so cool!

It got be a little confused at first (you have to double click to see the comments) and you can't tell where you're gonna write next in here, but it's way cool! And you posted again which made it even better. (:

(This is confusing, I still love it, but it's pretty hard to write when you don't see that blinking thing to tell you where you're gonna write next. Anyway, see ya!)

BananaBint said...

Oh, and you have to basically double click on everything. If you wanna look at the comments, double click. If you wanna post a comment, you have to double click. It's fine, just got me a little confused..... Good luck!! (:

Kyleigh said...

This isn't the custom layout... I was just trying a different layout to see if it would work better for adding the custom one later.

bananabint said...

Good, 'cause this one was really getting me confused as you could probably tell, and the white's a little boring. When will you have the custom one up?

Anna said...

I love it too, but I still want an email from you, Ky.... really bad. I've sent you a bunch- my evaluation of the Teen Mission Trip, umm..... and other ones. Yeah.