Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Swimming and Conferences.

-100th post!!!

So... today was boring.
Nobody was around, Luz got back from the states yesterday, so she's really worn out.
I didn't feel like going to see Karin until this evening, and she was out horseback riding.

We went swimming tonight, though.
That was probably the highlight of my day, even though now I'm all tuckered out. Swam about 50 laps. Mom was giving me tips, which got me tired out, ya know, different ways of doing things, etc. I still can't do a proper turn, though.
I was mostly kicking and doing breathing stuff, because I still use a noseplug and am trying to break that... I do play water polo and stuff without it, though.

Mom and a bunch of others have been emailing about the conference this October.
They're trying to get speakers for the youth.
I'd much rather it be like last year, where we did our own thing in the afternoon, and helped with the kids and creche in the morning.
There is one thing that's making me look forward to going again, though, even though neither Joy nor Sharon will be there. :(

Not much has been going on.

Oasis Game Night is tomorrow, with Marble Slab at Ibn Btutta to end it. Yum!

So yeah. That's pretty much what I've been doing lately.


PS - I videoed my room today...


Anna said...

Ky, do you have a Facebook? Just wond'rin'.

ariadne said...

FROM the states?!? Where on earth do you live? England? LUCKY!!!!

Kyleian said...

Ariadne - No, I don't live in England. We live in the U.A.E., which is basically right across from Iran.

Anna- No, I don't have a Facebook. Don't plan on getting one, either.

Cait said...

What is your one reason to look forward to the eid conference and why are you so gloomy about it?
The reason we aren't doing it ourselves is cause Samuel puts so much into the youth groups in Bahrain and England that he doesn't get many chances to be on the other end, which he'd like to be. So yea...

Kyleian said...

Well, yeah, but Sam wouldn't have to lead it all.

Anyway, the reason actually isn't actually gonna happen/whatever. At least probably not, so nevermind.

BananaBint said...

Well what was the reason anyway?

Anna said...

The reason I asked aobut Facebook was because I might get one... It's the closeest thing to a blog my mom will let me have. But I'm not sure if people who don't have Facebook can view and comment and stuff... So yeah. Still don't plan on getting one?

ariadne said...

The link doesn't work.

Kyleian said...

Hmmm... I think you may have to copy and paste it. Blogger links hate me.