Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Worldview of a Five Year Old

Today Cait and I went over to the Rohde's for a fun time... Kayla and I talked for a while, then we ate and were talking with the older girls - Cait, Ashley, Jessica, Dayna, and Katie. Jessica taught us a song about a frog... uhh...
"Mm-eh went the little green frog one day,
Mm-eh went the little green frog,
Mm-eh went the little green frog one day,
And his eyes went mm-eh too.
Beep beep went the big red truck one day,
Beep beep went the big red truck.
Splat splat went the little green frog one day,
(something about his eyes no longer going mm-eh...)
Lick lick when the .... dog one day..."

Rats, I can't remember the rest of it.
Then we went up to Baskin Robbins and got a whole bunch of ice cream... you know, the carton ones you get there... 2 of those... and we ate most of it. Then we walked back and Kayla and I talked some and then watched the older girls play mau for a while. Then we had to go...

BUT the main reason I'm writing today is because of a conversation I had with Judson - the 5 year old where we're staying. It started out with him saying something about "We're supposed to love your enemies..." then him saying "I have Jesus in my heart because I go to Church." I explained that we had to believe - and here he cut me off and very seriously told me what we as Christians believed. I was like, WOW. My 6 year old sister doesn't know this stuff very well. And the way he said it - I could tell he really knew it. You wanna know how he closed? "And He's real, too."

Well, think about that for a while. I thought it was pretty cool.

I'll post my comments on Gregor the Overlander and such, but be warned that there is a spoiler. A very BIG spoiler... well, kinda.

Well, I closed the book and just sat there. Totally different ending than I'd expected. I'd just spent the whole book thinking of other ways... like that the warrior was someone different in this case, it was paralleled with the monster... you know. I still don't fully understand how the whole "when the warrior has been killed"/breaking of the sword thing worked out. What else... I cried when Thalia died... but I didn't when Ares did - I just felt sick. I guess it's mainly cuz Hazard (along with Lizzie and Mareth) is my favorite character. Overall, I loved them. However... there was definately too much between Luxa and Gregor. WAY too much. MAYBE if they were 17. But at 12? No. So, those are my thoughts.




BananaBint said...

I didn't get a word in the last paragraph! You're confusing me!

BananaBint said...


Anna said...

You should see PotC 3. It's WAAAAAAAAY better than 2.

Anna said...

And quotable.

Kyleigh said...

I won't be able to post until I can get pictures up, too. Well, I could, but don't wanna. I'll do it with pictures in spurts once I can get it at my gramma's house.
Ah, and BananaBint - the last paragraph was about a series of books I read.

berylla said...

k, the second part of the song goes like this:

honk honk went the big red truck one day
split spalt went the little green frog
and his eyes don't go mm-et anymore 'cuz he got liked up by a dog
woof woof!

hey that's really cool 'bout the little guy!

BananaBint said...

Yeah, got that it was about a series of books, but seeing that none of us ever read those books (and in my case, never even HEARD of them) why on earth did you post them on your blog?!?!

BananaBint said...

Muscat's gonna have a cyclone in like 5 hours so please pray.

Kyleigh said...

I know. And then Dubai's gonna get it, supposedly. An Emirati friend of my dad's (!!!! Pray for him!!!)called to tell us. Yeah, called all the way from Dubai.