Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Lots of get togethers....

Saturday I went to Emily's... at first we jumped on the trampoline - yes, in the rain. We were thoroughly soaked by the time we got off. After a little while Naomi came and we talked, ate, and then went up to the park where we ran around in a field with Emily's dog, Diego. That dog is MASSIVE. When we got back, we were playing outside, then we watched about 20 minutes of TTT, then ate dinner (er, they did, I wasn't feeling too good). We went outside and were playing out there... we must have looked pretty funny - me in my cloak, Emily and I in skirts, it raining out, all of us running around and shouting, and all of us carrying "weapons."
It was fun.

Note to self: make more larps, but play around with how you make them... double bladed one, lighter weight...

Sunday we went to both Churches; English and Arabic. Daddy spoke at both, so now I've heard about all our stuff about 50 times - at people's houses and at Churches... well, not quite 50, but still. After the Arabic service, we went to the Nasr's. Nicole and I mostly played with Grace, Faith, and Candace, but we did talk some.

Monday morning I went to Anna's. When I first got there we talked and showed each other art work, then I showed her some pictures. We ate lunch and ran around outside for a bit, then Leah came and we talked for a bit, then went outside and were playing around with Leah's camera. We got some pretty neat pictures. (which Leah will be posting some of on her blog... see link over on the side). We talked inside for a while, and then went to the Oasis Memorial Day picnic. Where we basically just talked and walked around a bit... and I blew grass whistles. And tried to make a truce with Paul... *shakes head* What did I get for trying to be friendly? "Truce denied, it's too much fun being enemies." I guess we never agree on anything anyway, not even what kind of grass you use to blow grass whistles.

I've been totally emersing myself in the Underland for a few days now, I'm almost halfway through the fifth book. The fourth and fifth are my favorites. But I won't know if the fifth is my favorite until the end, I s'pose.



Ilevot said...

(yay! I'm the first to comment! =D)

wow, sounds like you're having a great time there....oh yeah, grass whistles are such fun. whenever I make 'em everyone always gets mad at me and says they sound like I'm killing a baby elephant or something.... =P

BananaBint said...

Killing a baby elephant? I didn't know there were so many baby elephents in Canada.... (:

Woah, the weird letter thing disappeared!

Anna said...

I wish! C=
Ah well.
Anyway, we had, like, the most fun, but we didn't get to play make-believe and Helen (my sister who sleeps in my room) went to bed before I remembered my sword was in my room. Poot.

Kyleigh said...

Oh, I finished Gregor and the Code of Claw.
Need to read that one again... it's so complicated.

Ilevot said...

ha ha, bananabint: =P yeah, we have TONS of baby elephants here....I even have a pet one that lives in my back yard. ;)

BananaBint said...

So what's the elephant's name? And why were you trying to KILL it!?? (:

Ilevot said...

it's name is....Bob. and i was trying to kill is cause otherwise i'd get a fine for having such a large animal in the "city". ;)

Kyleigh said...

I love the name Bob.
Some friends have a snake named boB backwards.

Ilevot said...

oh, yeah, and I just had a pet spider named Bob too...I like the name Bob.