Monday, March 5, 2007

Scribblings of a barefoot fencer is now up...

My writing/photography blog is now officially up. It's just
So now I won't bore you to death with my writing. *growls at BananaBint*
And I don't really like posting photography stuffs here, so that will tend to end up over there. *points to link*



Anna said...

Have you seen Lady in the Water? I just saw it at Abby's birthday party. Luv it. Lots more I could say a bout that party, but not in this... teensy-ish....... box. EM! (Email me!)

berylla said...

K, I added it to favs!

Anna said...

OH, why are you doing blog owner approval? Do your comments have to be approved too?

Ilevot said...

ahhh, Teen's a youth retreat we go to every year with others from our church. I go mostly just to get out of the house for half a week and have a bit of fun, cuase usually the preacher at it is...well....really off of what I believe. (going on about how girls should only wear skirts, etc....) but the other fun thing about it is we get to travel in our pastors van for an 8 hour trip each way. yeee-ha! =D I'm looking forward to it. oh, and we get to eat sancks 24/7 at it! =D

oh, and I realized after I was done that it wasn't a nutshell sized piece. =D

Anna said...

I ws just on Leha's blog and YOU said in a comment that no one comments here! I do so comment! Not that you deserve it, since you never email me. :b

BananaBint said...

BOO!!! I'm bored. Really bored. (: