Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Weekend...

It's been a while since I posted anything other than writing, so I thought I'd tell you about my weekend... Friday after Church, we had a girl's afternoon at the Welkners, since JW was in Kuwait and so couldn't lead his wellgroup. So 16 girls piled into the whale, followed by 5 others in Lisa's car. We got there, introduced ourselves and talked some, then Lisa announced UAE idol, and Hannah P., Elaine, and Lisa all sang something, then we turned on the TV for American Idol. (Me: boring!). We also played with the boys some, and talked about what we should do for Alice's birthday. We made super huge cookies with all sorts of stuff in them... minstrels, M&Ms, brown sugar, skittles, toffee, marshmallows, nuts, raisins, oatmeal... yummy!
Then we all piled back into the whale and drove to the C's for Volleyball. Heh, within 2 seconds after I started warming up I slipped, felt a sharp pain in my heel, and turns out there was a shell in my foot. Mrs. C helped me get it out and we cleaned my foot up, got a bandaid on it, and I was back out playing.

Saturday we went to the beach with the BLs, Cs, Ps, and Hs. Nathan was there, too. Most people got in the water, but I couldn't cuz of the open cut on my heel, so I stayed on the beach and played volleyball, frisbee, and keep away. When we got home, Luz and I talked, I read her some of my stories, we went over to her house and watched Stormbreaker (it was good as a movie, but not as Stormbreaker, if you take my meaning), and then played street hockey. We finished playing but didn't want to leave, so I brought out the larps and we larped for a while with Josh, Rhys, and Jeremy.
Fencing in the evening was a blast. First we did footwork. After doing some more basic stuff, we paired off by height, and I'm the second tallest there, however, the tallest is about 1' or more taller than me. So Chris and I were on the same piste and even though he's so much taller I was able to keep up pretty well. Then I got to do some sword work, which was great. Chris and I are the only Saturday night epee students (after all, epee rocks ALL!), so we'll probably end up sparring a lot... heh, it'll be easy for me to get his toe!



BananaBint said...

Now you're actually posting something interesting!!

Anna said...

I just skimmed through that; didn't really read it. You don't deserve my attentions on this blog or any other! :) Email me!

ps- Pleeeeeease? :( I need comp'ny.