Friday, March 9, 2007

A very prankful two days...

Well, eventful, too, but I think prankful kinda fits it a little better....
To start from the beginning:
Last night was a sort of "prank war" at Youth Group. We girls had been warned sometime before to bring an extra change 0f clothes - and to think sticky, greasy, and wet.
sack/keep-away when Nathan ones to the guys, good ones to the girls. (Anyway, we (Hannah, Elisabeth, Sharon, Sarah H., and a few others) were out playing hackeywent inside for a little while, leaving his back outside. Hannah noticed, and she and Elisabeth hid it in the girls' bathroom. Nathan found out and was trying to get it back, but then Esther went in and got it for him. 'Course, now all of us that were at least semi-involved (okay, I suggested a hiding place but...) were main targets - Me, Elisabeth, Hannah, Rachel (Nathan's sister), Hannah P., and Cait (even though Hannah P and Cait were just sitting around doing nothing - Nathan just wanted an excuse to get them). No pranks were pulled during the worship, games, and talk, but afterwards we handed out cupcakes - sabotaged (Sabotaged = gum, gum wrappers, spices, salt, toothpaste frosting...) Most of the guys didn't seem to notice anything, but Mitch and Nathan thought they tasted funny, and Kenneth's face was great, according to Cait. 'Course, they start smashing cupcakes in people's faces, and then Nathan walks by me and smears some all over my face... We go outside, where water is pouring down from the roof. Half the guys were already soaked, so we bring out the "snow." (Powdered sugar...) "So, Daniel, did you hear? There's a 99% chance of snow tonight." Then, of course, the guys bring out the butter (greasy). Rachel pulls out her concoctions (2 bottles of jam, honey, oats, syrup, fish oil...) and so both sides attack, hitting more with our stuff than they did us. We basically won, but now we have decided to be nice to them for a while.
However... tonight was Alice's birthday party after volleyball, and the guys brought water balloons and we had a whole bunch of people thrown in the pool and soaked with water balloons. Somehow Nathan threw cocacola on Elisabeth, and so she told us to get him with coke... much as I hate that stuff, I stood around sipping it for about 2 minutes, Nathan comes out of the house, and I throw it on him. 'Course, he turns around and throws his QJ for me. The whole ride home I was wet and sticky.



Anna said...


Oh, Kyleigh, I never would've thought it of you.... This has cut me deeply. It could be v., v. serious. :(


ps Email me! :b

Kyleigh said...

Anna, it's just coke.
I don't drink any soda very willingly.

But at least you're not crying like Nathan did over me not liking steak, lamb, or ground beef.
What's there to email you about?

berylla said...



sounds fun.

and sticky...


nice 2 hear of ur adventures!


Cait said...

You give me no credit.

Nice one.



BananaBint said...

Do you like any other kind of soda? (It is NOT called pop, EVER!!!)

berylla said...


u make ur own icons?

u have photoshop, no?

Kyleigh said...

berylla - Nope, sadly, I don't have photoshop - just lousy old Arcsoft Photostudio 2000... it works, though, but it can't blend or do anything great, and GIMP confuses me to death.

BananaBint - I don't like any sort of POP, but Coke, pepsi, and QJ are the most revolting of all.

Anna said...

Just email me. I need COMP'NY.
I repeat- have you seen Lady in the Water?
Watched Peter Pan last night. I still don't get why Peter didn't grow up. Or how he and Wendy were in love- she's not even 13! I wish I had the soundtrack to it, though.
So that's mostly what I have to say!

ps- you don't like STEAK??? *groans* My imaginary friend thinks you have SEROIUS PROBLEMS.

pps- what's QJ?

BananaBint said...

Even though I don't know what QJ is, according to Kyleigh it sounds disgusting.

Kyleigh said...

When I come visit, BananaBint, I'll bring some for you.

BananaBint said...

That's OK...