Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why? / Weaponless Warrior

These are poems I wrote just now, after finishing reading The Bronze Ladder aloud. Throughout the last chapter, which I was reading aloud, my mind was forming these poems, not necessarily quite like this, but they turned out with the desired effect all the same.

Weaponless Warrior

I am all alone, standing there,
Yet not alone - He is with me:
In the middle of the arena,
Through many trials and triumphs,
Through temptations and rejoicing,
A weaponless warrior I stand.

The jeers of the crowd fill my ears.
I say a silent prayer for strength
As the gate opens, the lions rush out,
he is there with me, by my side.
As the oncoming lions attack,
I am not afraid in the least,
Even as they tear at my flesh
As I writhe on the ground in pain,
Still no fear enters my mind.
Yet I know I am dying,
I see Him there, my savior, king.
I am home, safely, finally, home.
I am a martyr for my faith -
I am a weaponless warrior.


The cheers and jeers all around them,
Why do these Christians stand firm?
It's only an offering -
A single, simple offering -
And then they'll be free again.

They say there's one who loves them -
They say He has died for them.
What is the meaning of this?
How could anyone die for me?
I am a wretch, I can't be saved.

Do they know what awaits them?
Will they make the sacrifice?
Will they choose to save themselves?
I'm able to see their blindness,
As they stand to face the beasts.

Picked off slowly by the lions,
Their faces shining brightly
Arms outstretched, they praise God.
My eyes are opened by Him -
I, not them, am the blind one.

The love of Jesus fills my heart,
I understand why they stand firm.
He calls me to do His will,
To serve Him with all I am.
I will stand firm to the end.

Though the lions tear at my flesh,
Though the flames rage about my body,
I won't be afraid of death,
My savior waits with open arms,
To welcome his wand'ring child home.

God be with you.



BananaBint said...

Why do so many people seem to be writing poems lately?

lady.kyleian said...

Why not? It's fun to write, and faster than prose, and usually conveys the feeling better.