Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mark 3 and 5

Mark 4 is missing in my notes, so we'll have to skip it, but here are my notes from Chapters 3 and 5.

Mark 4: What if Every choice had a Bad Consequence?
John Welknerd, October 14, 2006

Blaspheming against the holy spirit - rejecting it means no forgiveness.

80 million childrin are victims of child abuse yearly.
500 million abortions annually.
1.2 million people comitting suicide annually.
Jesus let us know he hasn't fiven up on us. He let us learn from him, hear from him, and observe him.

The Holy Spirit is a comfortor, convicter, and the one who draws us nearer to God. If the spirit didn't draw us, we wouldn't go. No one would admit we need Him.

"I'm reaching out for you. I want you back." ~Jesus

Blaspheming the holy spirit is sort of like catching a boat. You need the ramp (the holy spirit) to get on the boat (Jesus). There's a choice: Keep the ramp? Or discard it?
How many times can you say no? Forgivness is still available.
We're covered in mud. We can't get it off on our own. Jesus cleans us off.
Will you take the way to God? Or will you reject it?

Mark 5 (though 4 is sorta tied into it)
Donita Jones, November 2, 2006 (Donny gave the message when Welkner was in India)
Jesus wants to be our light in every area. Process what you hear and listen to GOd. You've only heard it when your life has been transformed. Be prepared to sow and to reap. God calls us to work alongside us. Random acts of kindness can reap large quantities.
The harvest is ready.
Mustard seed: Our growing life/walk with Jesus
Have faith: I trust you, God. Storms will come, we have to face them, but You will help us.
You don't have to go with Jesus. He will go with you. Go tell the world about God's love and what the Lord has done for us. Go down the mountain and out into the world. Get out of your comfort zone.

Just Believe!

"Be still and know that He is God"

Be still... and know that HE IS GOD!


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