Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mark 8 and 9.. no 6 or 7

Get off the Fence: Mark 8

You choose:
Are you going to live by faith? or By sight? If you're ashamed of yourself, God's ashamed of you. Don't play games with God. The pharisees didn't - wouldn't - believe. Why should Jesus do more, when they'd seen and not believed? Faith is a choice, not a daily routine.

Will your heart be hard? or soft? Question in your heart. Watch your heart: who cares about whatever else. What matters is the condition of your heart.

Who will you live for? self interest? or God's interest? Peter rebukes Jesus because what Jesus says doesn't match up to the Jewish prophecies. Get off the fence and follow God - even though you'll lose everything. The root of difference in your life.

Make a choice and get off the fence.
Live for Him - some decisions are important.

Mark 9: The Big Extremes

Know it and believe it - REALLY believe it. We don't nee dsomething awesome to make us believe - most won't even then. The disciples were confused even after a sign. They still had disbelief - they were selfish. What about you?

Come down from the mountaintop experience and don't change. The Diciples are real people. Jesus doesn't meet our expectations. Stop and think = what?

Worm shall not die = showing what hell is like - night and day tormening nad punishment.

What Jesus means when he says to cut off our hand, etc., if it causes us to sin is IT WOULD BE BETTER. Sin is to be taken seriously. IT WOULD BE BETTER to be maimed and go to heaven than to be successful and go to hell. JEsus said this. It shows why he came and solved the problem so we wouldn't kill ourselves. I'll do it for you - he took care of the sin problem.
Recognize we need to understand we're gross and disgusting. Remember Jesus came for us - there's nothing left for us to do but believe. Recognize - Remember - Believe.

What are you gonna do?

Jesus loves you!


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