Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sr. High Campout

Well, the details!

On the way out to the desert, Shehan, Sarah P., and Melissa drove with us. We talked and listened to Cait's ipod. When we got out there, we set up tents, played newcome, and then hopped into cars for sand skimming or duning. I went sand skimming, with Nathan, Jarod, Wesley, Leslie, Elizabeth, Sophie, and a few others. At first I was in the skimming car, then I went and after that I stayed with the others who had already been skimming. Jarod and I were hacking at dead bushes with sticks, and I was listening to Nathan and Wesley jam on the guitar and little drum Richard had in his car. Then we drove back to the campsite, and some of us loaded up into the pajero again to have driving lessons with the stick shift. It was fun, though Lionel was an absolute crazy driver. When we got back, we sang worship songs under the stars (there were so many of them... it was beautiful out), ate dinner, had S'mores, and played capture the flag. It was a blast... both Nathan and I had cloaks, so sometimes people mistook us for the other, which was funny. The girls won the first game, the guys won the second, although both had a bit of confusion on whether or not someone was caught. When we finished playing, John gave a talk, and we got ready for a game of Mafia, which all took part in the town of Texas, with lots of cattle stampedes and whatnot. The Mafia won, but we wouldn't have if we hadn't gotten Nathan out. The game lasted until 1:30, then we played dodge ball for about 10 minutes before heading into our tents for the night. I slept off and on for 4 hours, but only got what totaled 1 hour of sleep. In the morning, we listened to the guys jamming on Richard's guitar and drum, ate pancakes, commented on how cold we were (it was REALLY cold out there that morning... even around the campfire we were cold), and a few of us had an orange-seed spitting contest. Around 9:30, we went skimming or duning. I went skimming again, because I can't go duning without getting sick. I didn't actually skim that day, though, because I was so tired and knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy it much. I DID find another beetle, though. When we got back to camp, we packed up and sat around jamming for a while. I played the guitar some, which was really fun. Next year, I'm thinking about joining Submerge. I like Squirt, and I don't want to abandon them, but I think God may be calling me to Submerge instead.
In the car on the way home, Nathan, Rachel, Daniel, and Stephen rode with us. Stephen slept most of the way to his house, but the Raynors, Cait, and I were talking about other pranks and writing. At the gas station stop, we surprised Wes with a water balloon and Shehan and some others with the air horn. While eating our ice cream we discussed Shakespeare and other literature.

Sadly, we didn't get to pull off our 2 best pranks. The guys were strictly forbidden to enter the girl's side after lights out, so we couldn't attack them. But Leslie and Elisabeth sprayed perfume over the guys tents, and they found the air horn and took the horn so the guys couldn't keep us up with it. We also dyed the guys tongues blue by squirting blue food coloring into their drinks while they weren't watching. In the end, the guys only soaked a few of us with water balloons.

Tuesday-Wednesday of this week we went up to Musandam, Oman. The first day we went to a beach to get shells, went swimming, ate dinner, and played Set. The second day we packed up and went on a dhow cruise. On the dhow, we saw dolphins, sharks, jellyfish, angel fish, parrot fish, sea urchins, and a bunch of other stuff. The scenery was really great, and I found out that I love sailing, more so than flying. On the way back to the dock, it started to rain, then it began to pour. So we were out on a dhow, rocking back and forth, all in the middle of the boat... and Cait and I were singing the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Yes, I know, we're so comforting, aren't we? During the drive home, we stopped at another beach and got some more shells, and got lost in Rasal khyme (sp?). It was fun, though, and getting lost meant we were able to read more of The Bronze Ladder.

Last night we played Settlers with everyone minus Grampa and Candace. Mommy and Daddy tied for first because we couldn't finish the game, and Cait and I tied for second. It got kinda boring, and we had no conversation other than about the game going on, but it was still fun.




BananaBint said...

How do you have all this time? And are even in Sr. High?

lady.kyleian said...

It's desert-Campout season, that's how we have all this time. It's only about 36 hours out there, anyway. And since my grandparents are here we're off of school.
Technically I am in Sr. High, but it was actually more like age groups, but it didn't really matter because of the rained out Jr. High one so the Jr. High kiddos could go on the Sr. High one.

BananaBint said...

You're more than half a year younger than me.

lady.kyleian said...

Yeah, but I'm in 9th grade.

BananaBint said...

Yeah, but that means nothing.