Saturday, February 10, 2007


*pause for quick break in Mark study*

So maybe rain isn't so bad. The Sr. High campout was an absolute BLAST. To sum it up until I can write more tomorrow, we played moffia, capture the flag, went sand skimming (others went duning), got the guys lips and tongues and teeth blue with food coloring, stole the air horn, played Newcome/THAT game. Overall very fun, and crazy.

I'm sitting here typing at a snail's pace... can you tell I didn't get enough sleep last night? Moffia lasted until 1:30, then we played 10 minutes of dodgeball before getting in bed. It was SUPER cold out in the desert, and I didn't get the 4 hours of sleep I was in the tent for. The off-and-on I had equaled about 1.

Anyway, more details tomorrow, I'm off to get some sleep.



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