Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mark 10 and 11

Mark 10: What does it mean to be truly great?

Don't trade your future for the present.

Right young man blinded by wealth and stuff. Blindness to reality. What must I do? How do I get eternal life? "FOLLOW ME!"
Spiritual life v.s. physical life.
Don't separate the two!
Yes or no? Here or there?
What do I truly value the most? Keep your goal in sight!

Get ready for what's going to happen. Doesn't matter WHERE you sit, only that you are THERE!

Servant first - servant of all.
Are you? Are you just like Jesus?
Are we willing?
Do we have what matters? Are we blind?

The blind man has more sight than the people with physical sight. He got it. It's not about us. God takes us even when we have nothing to give.
Even when we have nothing to give.

Mark 11

V. 1-11:
Jesus doesn't meet our expectations. In: Party. Out: Condemned. What happened?
Jesus would not do anything less than he had came to do. Then they realized that he wasn't who they thought.

v. 12-19
They thought they were obeying. So why did Jesus overturn their tables? He saw their movives. He sees OUR motives. Their heart was not in worship, but the law. They had form, but not faith.

v. 20-26
Jesus had said the fig tree would die later, when he had cursed it earlier.
BELIEVE, don't doubt.
Checkpoint: Who did they think he was?

God is far bigger than we could ever conceive him to be. Nothing. NoThInG. NOTHING! is impossible with God.

v. 27-33
Authorities: Didn't see, didn't believe. Authority without authority. If they believed the authority was from heaven, they wouldn't have been scared of riot. God is the ONLY authority without authority.

*Don't worry what will happen if you serve Jesus. It doesn't matter what other people think. Let God shape your heart with who He is. Doing nothing about what we learned is going to ruin our character.


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