Sunday, February 4, 2007

Faerie Dance

Dark black eyes, reflecting the light of the moon,
What secret could she be hiding?
Her sparkling sky blue wings, adding a faerish grace.

Where have all the others gone?
The flitting, floating faeries?
Is this the secret her moonlit eyes hide?
Could this be the mystery she holds?

With a half a smile, she beckons me nearer,
Hesitant, yet curious, I cautiously follow her.
Through tree and bush, over hill and dale.
Where are they? Where have the faeries gone?

To a starlit glade we finally come,
And there my faerie-friend stops.
A soft whistle sounds through the night,
Suddenly the sky is filled with floating, flitting faeries.

There they are, my search is over,
I watch, amazed, as faeries dance across the sky,
Glittering, graceful, faeries, dancing in the moonlight.
Then quickly, they are gone,
And I am alone once more.

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