Sunday, February 4, 2007

lady.kyleian is here....

Yeah, I changed my blog name and link. 'Tolkienite' just doesn't fit anymore. Kyleian is one of my new nicknames (well, it's really Kylein = ky-lee-in, or kyleout, but I like this spelling better...).

Whooo... big week for me. Gramma and Grampa came, and we've been basically just hanging out here, with normal activities and stuff. Gramma and I worked on my cloak, and very happily, it's done now. Soon we're leaving for Mall of the Emirates *dances*.
Yes, isn't it ironic... vistors go, I haven't been until now, and we've been in Dubai almost 6 months.

Well, you're wanting to know about the Jr. High campout, right? (I'll post pics later!)
We kinda got rained out. Here's what happened:

We got there for the Jr. High camp out, and it was drizzling. So we wore our trash-bag rain coats, and put up the tents. Starts POURING rain. And the really bad news is, that it's supposed to rain like that all night. It clears up a little, we get out and decide to do some stuff and that we won't stay the night (but we may go on the Sr. High one). We played Ultimate Frisbee and capture the flag until the Duners got back (I get motion sick real easily so I can't go duning) ate, and had s'mores. Then we played another game of capture the flag and left.

Rawr. I hate rain.

But it was still fun. And since then I've wanted to play Ultimate Frisbee tons.

I have a quick prayer request... There was this one boy there (we'll call him Ben), who would probably have claimed to be a Christian. But what was really sad was the way he acted. I can't be positive, but he was trying to flirt with some of the younger girls (I'm not trying to judge him, but that's what it looked like), and he was just being annoying. And I think it's not good for him to have the label Christian when he acts that way. I guess he just needs to be spoken to. However, I don't know him very well so I can't know his motives very well.
Another thing, it kinda ties in with this is the matter of me guarding my heart. This is kinda awkward, but with Ben looking like he does (most girls would catorize him as "cute") It's kinda hard for me not to encourage him, if he is flirting. Not only Ben, but other guys as well. Guarding my heart is not something I've had trouble with before, but it's something very important that I need to work on.

But the Father-Daughter campout on Tuesday-Wednesday rocked... It was fun and safe, except for the other girls scaring eachother with scorpion talk *rolls eyes* and a few close calls duning, driving, and on the 4-wheeler. Including mine on the 4-wheeler, I almost got a hole in my hip, jumping over something and hitting my hip on the handlebar really hard. But I had a driving lesson, and we drove all over, up and down hills, etc. Still can't drive a manual, but whatever. We girls played bus stop (with a few dads in there... we couldn't get all of them to play!), signs, silent football, and chop-choppin' the ice. We started to play mow, but didn't get farther than two turns. I went to bed pretty early, but the others stayed up a little later talking. We got up, I had 15 of Mr. B's pancakes (they're medium size), and one of the other dads told some stories from when he was a boy in Africa. Then Daddy told a few, Mr. Folmar told one, and we took down the camp and went duning, driving, sand skimming, and more quad biking before coming back for lunch and finishing packing up.
Most of the others went duning for a while again, and some of us stayed behind and did more quad biking.


lady kyleian


BananaBint said...

"Lady Kylein,"
Do you realized that NOBODY has commented since you changed the URL. That's a bad thing.

lady.kyleian said...

It's lady kyleian. with an a, no capitals.
No, it's not bad, cuz Dara has the link to my new one. I commented on her blog and told her, and I'm PMing her over AP and telling her again right now!

Ilevot said...

*waves* I'm here! I changed it the other day, but I was quite busy all weekend....actually, I was forced to be, so that's why I wasn't commenting...=P

BananaBint said...

"waves back* Hello! I haven't been on in a while either, and I wasn't even that busy! Well, kinda.