Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Oasis Mark study

Okay, I've FINALLY gotten around to doing this:
Typing up my notes from John Welkner's talks at Oasis. So, here goes.

Mark 1 notes, October , 2006

Who is Jesus?
Popular ideas:
1. Jesus was a good teacher/man. (How do you measure a good teacher? The content of their teaching.
2. Jesus was a lunatic - "Believed he was, but he wasn't."
3. Jesus was a liar - who died like a fool.
4. Jesus really is the Son of God.
Your answer to this question answers the rest of the questions in your life.
People think Jesus had Narcissism(there is an actual disorder called Narcissism, when someone actually thinks they're god). He does not fit the criteria for that disease.

Who do YOU believe Jesus is?
Jesus isn't just something to learn about.

A problem:
How could someone not care? Their life is consumed by the 3T's: Trivial, Temporary, Themselves.
An example of someone who cared: John the Baptist. He was passionate, bold, and focused. So focused he didn't get distracted by clothes and food. People listened to him because he LIVED WHAT HE BELIEVED!

The problem isn't believing. It's CARING! make sure you care! Someone consumed with themselves doesn't care, and DON'T ENCOURAGE THEM!
This world is temporary. Don't live for what's temporary. Nothing here is permanent.
Most discontentment is when you're unhappy. It's not all about you!
Where's the shuttle of your life heading?
When I am dead, what will people say about me? At my funeral, when people look at my casket, what will they think about me?

Mark 2 notes October 12, 2006

Pharisees - group of people who "liked to play pretend." "Above and Beyond the call of duty." They were hypocritical, they wore masks. The masks hid who they really were - they didn't have anything going on where it really mattered. They thought they were doing well. They had it all - EXCEPT WHAT MATTERED!
Who am I? Am I a pharisee? Or am I who God wants me to be? Let God clean you up; let him take the mud off. It's not about you do. God doesn't want your stuff, he wants you! "Nothing to the cross I bring, only to your feet I cling."

The tax collectors were a hated people.

The pharisees wondered and judged Jesus, but Jesus stays calm and explains.
Pharisees: religion is doing good things to make me look better before God.
Truth: God doesn't make bad things happen because he doesn't like you. He doesn't measure you because of what he's done.

What would you do if you saw someone who didn't fit in?
Pharisee: Ignore them. I'm too cool for them!
Jesus: I came for disgusting people. I came for people who are holding out their hands for hope! Someone who needs me and doesn't fit in!

There's nothing you can do to get sin off. You need God's help; He will get dirty for you! Don't focus on the rules. The Pharisees missed Jesus because they weren't focusing on the right thing.

They were too focused on mundane things.
Jesus entered history for you! Don't ignore him.
He wants you back, He loves you.



PS- soon I'll post pictures from our campouts and Musandam trip... seriously, I still feel like I'm on a boat!

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