Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lessons from Eeyore

As we enter our third day of having Eeyore (his name for now!) as a part of the Fox family, I thought I'd share with my readers how much we as a family and individuals have learned from Eeyore.
We wanted to get a puppy so we could watch it grow up and bond with it. So we did get a puppy. He's three months old, and not trained. Therefore, we get to train it. Training Eeyore has really tested our patience and controlling our temper. He will often pee on the newspaper we have set out for him just in case without telling us he has to go so we can take him outside.
Perseverance. That's the second thing. In a way, it is tied to patience. We have to be patient for him learning, and have to keep up with what we're trying to train him to do. So many times already have I wanted to give up and stop, but then I think about what a good dog he'll be someday if we train him properly.
Controlling our temper. That's got to be the hardest one of all. We take Eeyore outside, he wants to play and won't come in. It takes all I have not to start yelling at him and pulling him inside. He can be such a naughty puppy. Yesterday he started chewing stuff, too. He tried gnawing on the Iliad, even!
As much as Eeyore is teaching us, we still have a lot to teach him. I'm thankful God wanted us to get a dog, though. I never would have thought a three-month old puppy could teach our family so much.

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