Sunday, December 10, 2006

Okay. So I keep getting more and more fed up with this dance school. So fed up I almost came out of class in tears because of how everything for the recital wasn't pulling together, the teachers weren't communicating very well, their dancing isn't great... etc., etc., etc... Thus, I am not going to do the recital and end my dancing years *sniffle* the end of this month. I feel like I'm leaving so much behind, though. I mean, this is what I've done for so many years, and now I feel like God's telling me to leave it. When I think about it, there's nothing really left in dancing for me. I can't go on pointe because of a hip displacement, and I'm not really built like a dancer either. In January I'll probably try a fencing class and then I can decide about the instrument stuff.
I feel that God's closing the door to me taking actual classes. But he's opening another for fencing.

The guitar teacher gets continually worse; I have less and less motivation to practice every day... Right now I'm printing a passel of sheet music to play on my own. I'm sorta at that level; though, where I almost know everything there is to know and lessons don't really help anymore. Whatever the guy gives me I can normally take home and play once then come back and do it for him perfectly.

I know that I would learn so much better and so much more on my own than in classes, strange as it may sound.

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