Saturday, December 16, 2006

It is finished.

Today I had my last ballet class. I'm relievedit's over and I don' t have any more dreary Saturday morning ballet classes, but a little sad as well. Ballet's been something I've done as a hobby for years, and now I'm leaving it behind, just a whisper of the past.

Just a whisper of the past,
A memory barely there.
What once I enjoyed,
Now gone forever.

A quiet song,
Crying out for my return.

No turning back.
I’ve made my choice.

It beckons and calls,
Making me think twice.

It’s not right.
There’s nothing left for me.

I know it cries,
I know it beckons,
I know I’m gone.
I won’t return.

Even though it was something really hard for me to do, I felt like it was what God is telling me to do. And after all, we are supposed to do hard things. It was a hard decision for me to make. But the dance school kept getting worse and worse and I became more and more bored every class; just going through the movements and not feeling it.

*sigh* Well, now it's finished. I'd still really like your prayers, this will be something I'm probably going to need a bunch of time to heal from this, but I think the sooner I go on the sooner I'll heal.

What else is going on?

*We're adjusting to having a puppy in our house, for one thing. He's so cute... It's so hard to tell him no. Discipline. Good parenting practice for someday, eh?

*Hockey... I've been playing hockey with the younger boys (10-12) in the compound. It's been great. They're really nice to me and let me play with them, especially when I'm so horrible. Today after ballet I played with them before coming in and taking my shower. Then while we waited to leave for the H's, Shaen (Sean) and I were playing around with the puck when the teenagers hanging around started shouting something about an accident. Shaen and I climbed to the top of the play ground to look out... It was scary. The driver's side of the car was crinkled like paper. We went back down to play more hockey, then heard an ambulance coming and scrambled back up, only to find we couldn't see anything. So we went out by the front gate of the compound. We watched as they prepared the stretcher and everything... All that time, even when Shaen and I were talking, I kept thinking "And it could have been any of us." God is good.

* Caroling... Tonight we went over to the H's to Christmas Carol around their compound. It was lots of fun, even though afterwards I ate too many sweets. Sarah and I poured over their Wildly Foxtrot book, which I ended up borrowing.

Until next time,

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