Sunday, February 10, 2008


Internet's back up.

Thursday dance was pretty awful, none of us did very well and basically everyone else didn’t practice. *sigh* Next week should be better. At sewing we had mostly hand sewing, so we finished the Silver Chair and then talked for a little while.

Oasis was fun. The Orange team (GO US!) did really well on the team challenge, the message was really good, and afterwards was fun – we got to help clean up some, and Philip taught me a new pattern on the 4X4.

Friday after Church we all changed and got loaded up and drove out for the Jr. High Campout! We set up tents first, then loaded up into different cars to go duning or sand skimming. I went sand skimming… for those of you who don’t know what it is, you’re towed behind a car on a byriani plate. It’s really fun, kinda like sledding on a flat surface. Then we got back to the camp and got ready for dinner. While they were cooking the meat, Sarah and I walked around with Ben and James (giving Ben a "cake" and being superheros - he was Donatello, James was Wonder Wonder, Sarah was Pinky, and I was Green-Green), played Frisbee with James, ate, and went out into a bigger area to play capture the flag. I was on offense and actually did something this time. :P Erich and I snuck over to the opposing side because they weren’t guarding one side at all, then I managed to get into the safe zone by the flag. Eventually Stefan got over and made a run for it with the flag and we won. Yay. Go purple Up-Down Potatoes.

After a short devotional on boldness and some time singing, they played Mafia. Sarah and I didn’t want to play and stood around playing Cat’s Cradle and being annoying. We went to bed and after a lengthy conversation about dreams we fell asleep.

At 5:54 in the morning we woke up, and at 6:15 we tried to collapse one of the other girls’ tents, but it didn’t work because the ends just stuck in the sand instead of falling. None of us could get back to sleep because we were so cold, and Alicia, Sarah, and I watched the sunset then walked down and played with Ben for a while before breakfast.

Then people wanted to play Mafia more, but no adults wanted to narrate, so Sarah and I did. It was fun.
People went sand skimming and duning more, but we played Frisbee and Capture the Flag, then we packed up, ate lunch, and drove out. Daddy let me drive part of the way, and I went over 50KPH. (rather impressive if I can say so myself, last year I wouldn’t go over 40).
We stopped for ice cream on the way back, and then finally left for home.

When we were packing up we found a praying mantis:
(you get to see how much I bite my fingernails here... :P)

Now I’m sore from sleeping without a pillow (and our tent was on a slant so our heads were below our shoulders) on sand, sunburnt, tired… and I want to practice oboe but people are napping. Grr.

Sarah and I have been talking a lot about Csehy, and I’m not as nervous anymore. I’m starting to get really really excited, and although I know there will be a few awkward moments and things sometimes that just can’t be avoided.

We got our Surge applications in Thursday… so India, here we come!

- Ky

Shehan: I was putting him out of his misery! That’s not killing him!

“Me and Kyleigh are the only ones who have picked songs so far.”
“And me.”
“And me.”
“And me.”
“Okay, me and Kyleigh, and me and me and me.”