Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hey y'all...

Well, Thursday night began a wind/sand storm and a bit of a really really cold weekend.
Some cables somewhere in the ocean snapped... so we've been without Internet and now we've managed to set up dial-up.

Life is looking up. :)
Perspectives has been great, so has Oasis, dance, etc... oboe and school have been pretty good, and guitar and piano great.
What else is there to say? :P

Thursday after dance I stayed at the C's and we watched The Silver Chair and then we picked up the Bc's and went to Oasis.
Friday we went to Ibn Btutta mall after Church and then I got dropped off at volleyball (nobody else wanted to play in the cold and windy weather).
Saturday I practiced piano and didn't really do much.
Sunday we went to a monologue on the life of Abraham Lincoln, and we had Well Group.
Monday I had oboe (which is going great, minus the dynamics...) and then I went over to the H's. Sarah and I watched VeggieTales and read some funny things, then we went to Perspectives.

I would write more, but I only have 4 minutes of internet time left on dial-up, so I'll write more later.
- Ky

"Dad, you're putting way too much hot sauce on!"
"It's not that hot."
"Yeah, it was in the fridge."

"I don't know, three or four cookies each."
"Could I have a mole of them?"


ALI said...

ha ha ha ha

thats for the later part of the post :)



LoveNeverWing said...



Autumn said...

You need to put on some recordings of your oboe some time. I bet it is great.
So, when you watched the Silver Chair, did you watch the one from a long time ago from Dreamworks? I have that one, but it is kind of low quality. I hope that the new one is good.
Hope your internet gets fixed soon!

Kyleigh said...

Autumn:... or so you think.... :P I will get some up sometime, though, but our house is too echoey for a good sound.

We watched the BBC one.