Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It's what God's been teaching me about this week, seeing as I've been worrying a lot.
Life's been a little overcrowded balancing school, music, social life, and taking Christine places the past two weeks. Then to add to all that, Monday night started the Perspectives course at Church. It's going to be a great course, but it's intense and long.
We've been working out some summer stuff, Cait and I will [Lord willing!] be going to India over spring break on Surge Serve. And I'll [again Lord willing!] be going to the first session at Csehy All that adds a little stress, trying to get new passports for India and improving as much as I can on oboe before Csehy.

Well, although all this has been fairly small worrying... God's been teaching me a lot about trusting Him...

Although I'm still nervous about camp and being possibly the only oboist, being a newbie there never having played in an orchestra, not knowing how to read music to sing, worried I might not even make it into the orchestra and get stuck in the handbell choir... etc etc etc... God will work everything out and I'll still have a good time.

Although India's a big place and not the safest country and we need new passports, Visas, funds to go... God will provide safety, money, and the time we need.

Although sometimes I want to have control of my future, God's the one who has it all worked out, and I just need to "Trust and obey, cuz there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey."

I've started the Perspectives course at Church.
Wow. One week into it and it's already rocking my world. It's intense and it's tough, there's a lot of reading and a lot of stuff to get my head around, but I really like it.

Update: Our passports are being renewed, and they should be done in time for the Surge deadline. :)

Anyway... my week has been normal, dance started up again, sewing's going well, school is eeehhhh... the talk at Oasis was REALLY good, this week I plan to write something off of my notes, basically re-constructing the message. And I can't wait for Monday, Sarah and I have decided that between Perspectives and Oboe while I'm at their house we're going to discuss it within our own personal lives. :)

- Ky

"Okay, so you have magma and the sun. Which one is joy and which one is happiness?"
"The magma is joy because it's inside of you..."
"Okay, what else do we know about magma?"
"It explodes."

E: It has something to do with David.
P: Bathsheba!
Esther: PHILIP!!!
P: Hey, mom, what's the name of that guy... the donkey... you know, stubborn fool?
Mrs. H: Nabal?
E: Isn't that a body part?
P: Wait, how'd we get on this subject?


kalipay said...

hi Ky! it's me again, popping my head in. :D

the part on the "Perspectives" course caught my eye... i have heard alot about that, and am anxiously looking forward to the time when i can start it, hopefully this summer. i'd love to hear more about it as you continue through the course!

LoveNeverWing said...


Kyleian said...

Kalipay: I'll be posting the highlights of what I've learned every now and then... it's an overwhelming course and a lot to put your head around, but I've been writing down main points and that really helps to simplify it.

LoveNeverWing said...

i said-

Kyleian said...

Leah: EEEEK! :)