Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been feeling rather cooped up lately. Wednesday there was no rain like there was on Tuesday, so I couldn't go out running in it again (though that was amazingly fun!), but the roads were still flooded in some places so we couldn't really go anywhere.

I've discovered what's bound to be my favorite band, at least musically. Some of their lyrics are pretty, most don't make too much sense and are not secular secular, but not Christian. The band is made up of a cello, guitar, bass, drums, and a keyboard (with vocals, of course).

They're called Broken Iris.

A few of their songs actually sound a bit depressing lyric-wise, but they're absolutely gorgeous. My favorites by them would have to be New Hope, Colorful Mind, and The Scar. Actually one of my most recent favorite quotes is from The Scar: "Never fight unless you're willing to die."
I will warn you, though, much to my surprise, one of their songs (The Eyes of Tomorrow) has a swear word in it.

Wednesday daddy came home from Japan... and guess what he brought back for me?
A 4X4 Rubik's Cube!
Goodness that thing is torture. It's fun, though, just really tricky. I've not gotten past the first layer yet. >.< style="font-style: italic;">The Prydain Chronicles, which arrived with Christine as a VERY late birthday present. Taran Wanderer kind of set off my wandering again, though not really wandering, more of just my cloaked absurdity... I mean, I'm the only person I know who completely loves their music, Rubik's cubes, Lord of the Rings, cloaks, writing, dance, and can be completely drawn back and silent one moment and rather talkative the next.

Thursday morning after school I went with Nate and Candace to the H's for music lessons. I did geometry during their lessons, then Esther and I talked for a little while and she brought out Philip's new cubes (He got a 4X4 the other day, too! And a 2X2). I solved the 2X2, then Philip and I were discussing the 4X4 and he gave me some verbal help. Then mommy dropped me off at the C's for sewing, and afterwards we talked and watched part of the Silver Chair until we went to Oasis... which was just a movie/game night because the bus was canceled because of rain. The movie was Faith Like Potatoes, and I'm still deciding if I want to watch the rest of it or not. Sarah and I watched the first half hour, but then didn't like where it was going and didn't really think it was all that wholesome so we played cards, but a little later kind of started watching again and it looked a little better.

Friday at Church Philip helped me some more with the cube and Sarah, Hannah, Esther and I were playing with the 3X3. In the afternoon I just sat around and cubed (not really getting anywhere), and then we went to volleyball... which was okay on my part, we won our games but not really any thanks to me. Afterwards we talked, played Kent, and Sarah, Philip and I played around with the cube for a while.

afternoon Nate had his first baseball game of the season. He did a wonderful job pitching, but his team didn't win. :( Then we went to Global Village for a while. Global Village is basically a bunch of pavilions with things from all over the world in it. It's really neat just to walk around in, and being outside was really cool. We took a few pictures and videos there, I'll hopefully have them up soon. I got fuzzy toe socks and a Zebra mask.
"What's going on tomorrow?"
"People will be breathing, eating, walking... some will die."

"When you put the mask on, you act like a zebra."

"Madam, I have beautiful material to make ball gown!" (a Pakistani guy in the Pakistan pavilion at Global Village... selling Pakistani material... not at all our idea of "ball gown" :P)

Illiteracy for those who don't see
The gates that untie avid arrogance
Your ground felt so firm I short handed myself
Never again will I give in

Right into hate right into lies
Right back where we've been before
A privilege no more now that we've lost

The Scar buried within mankind
The will that defines all of right from wrong
Now fight unless you're willing to die
None but the obvious state this

Struck with a punishment that would last for an age
Finally it's all black and white
Much more simple to answer

Heroes will rise
Enemies fall
Right back where they've been before
A privelege regained
A gift that you own

Pay no more mind
To the agony from the burn
Let yourself climb
To a height never reached before
Open to find
A path to the pure inside
Now is the time
- The Scar - Broken Iris


Autumn said...

I'll have to check that band out. My library had a fairly decent selection of music, and they order things in that they don't have if I ask for it. And they use a cello! =) Sadly, most non Christian, half secular bands use a little language. Songs really would be better without it!

I like Rubix cubes, but they make me so mad! Have you done sudoku puzzles? I actually like them better.

bananabint said...


So, it's just exciting. :)

bananabint said...

OK I don't know what I just posted. I think I meant to say, It's so exciting or so exciting or it's just so exciting or something like that but I'm kinda tired and only got 5 hours of sleep last night so I don't quite know what I'm saying and this is turning into a really long sentence which is way cool but I don't have much else to say so I gotta go.

Sorry, as I said before, I am TIRED. (:

Oh, and have any of you seen the Nancy Drew movie? I watched it last night. It's like all the awesome mystery books that I've read combined into a movie. OK, maybe not all, but the Nancy Drew ones at least! (: Which makes sense, doesn't it? Or does it? OK never mind. I'm going to take a nap.

Kyleian said...

Autumn: YES, I love Sudoku!!!
Kinda funny... compared to some people, I'm not intellectual at all... or even smart in math or anything. But for my family I am, I mean, everyone else looks at me like I'm crazy if I mention my cubes or Sudoku... and Cait called me a nerd the other day when I pulled out my cube when she asked a question about it.

Bananabint I've seen the Nancy Drew movie. It was okay. I didn't like the actors that much.

LoveNeverWing said...

wow, Ky. I was viewing your full profile, and stumbled upon the fact that Eisley isn't in you Fav. Music.... wow.

LoveNeverWing said...

o, and i meant to ask you- Where did you get your template? i like it... and was wondering if you knew of a place i could find a cool one. and, idk how to USE one. o__o

and, i haven't seen the nancy Drew movie, but i want to because of the actors. that guy is cute XD

Kyleian said...

Leah: Yeah... I like them, but there's something in their music that just doesn't quite... appeal... to me. Still trying to work out what it is.

My template... it's the plain black blogger one and I made a blend of some images for the top thing. If you want something for yours or want some help, I'd be happy to give it.

Cait said...

Colourful Mind <3
That's my favourite song, for sure. And A New Hope, The Scar, Sight for the Sore Eyes, and Beautiful Girl.

glad you like them!