Thursday, November 8, 2007

Quick post.

The Discovery STS-120 landed safely in Flordia!!
Sounds like the mission was completed well and safely...

Last night the musical was amazing. 'Nuff said.
Everyone we know was great, especially Hannah - playing Mrs. Potts - and Johnny - playing Mr. D'Arque.

I'm halfway through Nanowrimo.

I may extend this post later, I just wanted to share all of my joy with you right now before we embark on yet another busy Thursday.



Bananabint said...

Hi everyone.

Kyleigh: Quick question. What does ASD stand for? Just wondering.

Everyone else: Where are you!?!? No one's hardly commenting at ALL!

Oh, and also........

........cgkwukt is an interesting name.

Anna said...

Sorry... my computer wasn't working.

Kyleian said...

ASD=American School of Dubai.