Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nanowrimo... the first three days.

I've survived the first three days of Nanowrimo... not dead yet.

My word count is somewhere around 13,500.
So far I've done it with no coffee, no late nights... and only one stressful day, that was today, cuz of school, music, practicing dance, and trying to get my HSLDA paper fit to be sent in, filling out the form, yadayadayada...

I've been writing furiously, and trying to allow myself to go take a break.
So I'm going to go play cricket with the neighbors (why can't we stick to hockey? Cricket is so boring), and be back in later to write write write write write and you get the point.


Edit: Make that the first five days.
It feels like it should be Christmas soon, I've been listening to my Christmas harp CDs because they help me write. Well, only a little over a month... and I still need Christmas presents for Candace, mom and dad... at least.

Still no coffee and no late nights. Tonight I'll be drinking tea, though, and doing a one hour word war. Yikes. Could get pretty hard, but I think I'm at a good spot to do a word war.
Last night I went over to the C's instead of writing, Cait had well group but mine was canceled. I decided to give myself a break, after a stressful day I thought it was best.
Today I've been sitting at the computer since 3 PM, when I was completely done with everything I needed to do.
Daddy brought new oboe reeds from Australia. They're absolutely wonderful, the medium soft feels so great, so much softer than my old medium soft (I accidentally pinched it, and then it cracked, I still use it to build stamina with, but don't play that much on it).

Word count at 5:56 PM on November 5: 18,424 words. The goal for tonight is 20,000, and the end of week is 25,000. Yeah, I know it's crazy, getting 25,000 in the first week, but it means I can slow down for the end and not spend the whole of November worrying about nano.



bananabint said...

When's the end of the week?

Kyleian said...

The Seventh... meaning I have 2 more days to get 3000 words... cuz I just did an hour word war and got up to 22,044 words.

Lostariel said...

That is cray-zay, girl... I admire your drive... With me, it's a matter of not bring myself to death whiel copying huge sections of my story from my notebooks and miscellaneous papers.

bananabint said...

What on earth is a word war?

Kyleian said...

Usually you do it with someone else, where you set a time and see who can write the most in that time.
I did one just myself, seeing how many words I could get in an hour... I got 3000.

Lostariel said...