Saturday, October 27, 2007

YHWH, Pause, and my Weekend.

I got a lotta stuff to put up. It's been a busy weekend, but I've still managed to keep up with everything.

Thursday we had dance, then sewing, then we were home for a little over an hour and then we were off to youth group... to which almost everyone was late because one of the roundabouts was closed off, so we had loads of traffic.

Friday after Church mom was in the library so we didn't get home until 1:30 or 2. I worked on a puzzle and got my guitar all ready for Submerge practice, then we left for Volleyball. Submerge wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Mitch was a real help, getting me all set up cuz I had no clue what to do, and also helping me with chords I didn't know. It went pretty well, I didn't do as badly as I thought I would, but I only know 1 of the 4 songs we'll be playing on Thursday. Should be okay, though, as long as I know all the chords and have the transitions down, picking up strumming should be fairly easy.

BananaBint sent me an email that I found really interesting, and she said I could re-post it here:
[We watched a video] called "Breathe." Let me just summarize it for
So this guys is in a train station and he's talking. And first he
talks about God's name. Did you know that the word LORD (in English)
is translated to Yahweh (in Hebrew). But in Bible times, the Lord's
name was not pronounced. Why? Because it was made up of the letters
(this sounds so much better if I say it, but I'll do my best with just
typing) yah ha va ha. (Sometimes pronounced Yaveh.) Those were the
consonants in Hebrew. So the Hebrew scholars didn't think they should
or could be pronounced 'cause you can't have a word made up of

Now take a moment, look away from the computer, and listen to yourself

What do you hear? Yah ha va ha. Whenever ANYONE breathes, they
proclaim God's name. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

If someone were to say to you: "*take a breath* There is no God *exhale
while talking*" this is what you would be hearing: Yah ha va ha. As I
said before, it really needs to be said instead of typed, so next time
I see you, remind me.

In both Hebrew and Greek the word for Spirit and the word for Breath
are the same. When we are filled with the Spirit, we are filled with
the breath of God. We can not live without the breath of God.
When a baby first comes into the world, what is the first thing it
does? Breathe. The first thing a baby does is proclaim God's name.
When someone dies, they STOP BREATHING. When we can no longer proclaim
God's name, we die.
So he went on to say that you can breathe in the Spirit, but exhale the
things that are not helping you grow in the LORD (Ya ha va ha) or are
hindering you from getting closer to Him.

Pause Week 4
Luke 4:9-12, Deuteronomy 6:16, Exodus 17.

Wrong is anything contrary to God's nature. One thing in common with mankind: we've all done wrong.

Summary of past talks:

Willingly deciding to accept a lie as the truth is like putting a blindfold on yourself, living in darkness. Light shows the truth of reality.
Too often we choose to live in a place without light, where people are encouraged to go deeper into darkness. Turn on the lights, see The Truth. See Jesus. We're scared of the dark, but our eyes our closed to the light that's really out there.
We live and breathe because God wills it.
We live in a world of death and hopelessness.

Luke 4:-12. What really is going on here?
Lie: God exists to make much of you. He's like a genie. We think of God as a genie too much. Don't ask what He cna do for us, rather what we can do for Him. Don't disguise selfishness with goodness (ie- quoting scripture).

Truth: We exist to make much of God and worship Him. Just because He exists, our lives should be exhausted in worshipping Him.

Deuteronomy 6:16 and Exodus 17 - Massah. Is God the kind of God who does whatever we ask Him to do? What should the Israelites' attitudes have been? They should have been thinking about the awesome acts of God in the past, declaring his awesomeness, being willing to die of thirst joyfully. In seeing God's greatness, we desire Him more and the temptation less.

The Bible is the light we need to change the darkness. It gives us God's character. It's God's rescue plan. Open your eyes to the light.

I have a post about the Vikings to put up, but I think I'll do that this evening or tomorrow, because it's really long.


Your love reaches out to me
Your grace has made a way to You
Made a way to You
Your word lives inside of me
Your truth is life to all to hear
Life to all who hear

We live for You
Live Your truth

May Your Kingdom come
And Your will be done
As we serve Your heart
Serve Your heart
Let salvation flow
As Your people pray
Lord we long for more
Long for more

In You death is overcome
No power can stand against Your Name
The power of Your Name
In faith we will rise to be
Your hands and feet to all the earth
Life to all the earth
- Kingdom Come ~ Hillsong (one of the two songs I can play for Submerge!)


Ilevot said...

technically I think it's said (I mean spelt the way it's said) 'yod hey vav hey'. (my Mom's taken a Hebrew class taught by someone in Israel, and that's how she says it's to be said...and the English transliteration for the 'y' and the 'v' is spelt that way... so yeah) anywho, just thought I'd add that. =)

bananabint said...

Yeah that's what the guy on the movie said too but I couldn't remember it exactly and I think the sounds are actually ya ha va ha. It's like the letter W's name is double-you, but you pronounce it wa. My dad took a Hebrew class too so I'm just getting it from him! But yeah, good point, Ilevot.

Kirsten Gruber said...

This was a very good post! I actually found your website on the Rebelution comment section, and your name was in red, so I clicked on it and found your website. It is very well done and very interesting. God bless you sister!

In His Service,
~Kirsten A. Gruber