Sunday, October 21, 2007

boB, the zoo-like thing...

Thursday there wasn't any dance, so I didn't go to sewing. I invited Karin to youth group, but she had a lot of homework... but really, really wants to come. Pray for her in that area...

Pause Week Three
Luke 4: 5-8; Deuteronomy 6:13
Big Idea:
At the Moment of tempation, let's learn to pause and remember there's always more at stake.

Temptation Number 2: What's really going on?
Satan surrounds Jesus with a lie. Puts it right there, right now, all around him.
Satan exercised the authority we gave him.
The goal was to get Jesus to want the lie more than the truth. We believe we can become like God, so we fall to temptation.
Satan shows his cards and reveals his heart and desire - he is a glory theif, doing anything he can to steal the glory of God.

Temptation 2: How does Jesus respond?
Fight Temptation with the Truth.
The Truth of who God is. God exposes us to the lies of temptation by revealing himself to us.
The Truth of what he's done. Remember what amazing things God has done in your life. The more we see of who God is, the more we see the decay of the world and the less desireable they become. Get out of the Matrix and into God. (Matrix point - we live in a world that's not real and we don't care, just that it tastes SO good. We live in a world full of death, though). It's like day old popcorn vs jello - we want the popcorn because we can't see how good the jello is. Fight temptation with what we really could have.
The Truth that only God is worthy of our worship. God is jealous for what is His alone, and He knows His glory is best for us. Only in worshipping God will we find true JOY.

John 14:6 is the way out of the Matrix.

We're tempting ourselves to worship ourselves. See the solution and believe.

Friday I got the Oboe, and when we got home I played on it some, but after 15 minutes my lips started loosing control, so I couldn't really play. After Volleyball (my serves are getting way better!), was Rachel's birthday party, which was fun. We played with boB backwards for a while, then had pizza and watched Fly Away Home. Good movie, I like it a lot. I got to hold boB for the whole movie, which was fun. The movie finished and we played the Pass it on Story game (where you write a sentence, then the next person draws a picture and hides your sentence. The next person writes a sentence of the picture and it continues like that... gets pretty funny). Daddy picked us up and we went home and went to bed.
Dan with boB. That snake is so cool.

We got Cait to touch boB. Twice. Yay, Cait.

Elisabeth and boB.

Stephanie held him for a little while...
It was so much fun to watch everyone's faces. I love boB. He's cool. Nate and I are begging daddy for a Ball Python now, and Cait "isn't gonna let that happen."

Saturday we went to the Sharjah Wildlife Center as a family. I couldn't bring my camera in, but I found a picture online of my favoritest animal ever... the sand cat.

The leopard was scary-looking, the cheetahs were gorgeous, the hyenas looked like big dogs... I enjoyed looking at all the snakes and found out what one of my beetles in my collection is... but the scorpions were just scary. There were some other cats, Gordon's Wild Cats or something like that, and they were pretty cute, too. One kept walking along the window ledge in the glass cage... then dropping down on the other side and getting back up again. Obsessive compulsive, we joked.
Here's a picture of one, actually :

Then there were these foxes...
Ruppell's Fox and Blanford's Fox:

In the afternoon I just practiced oboe. As of today, Monday, it's not going too badly. There are a few notes I'm having a good deal of trouble with, but maybe by the time I actually get to them I'll have blowing down better. I was going to record something for y'all, but I chose to do it too near the end of my practice, so my cheeks were tired, lips numb... so I didn't get past the first two notes without stopping.

I went biking this morning, right around 7:10. What I didn't know was that that's the time all the kids go to school. So I was getting all these weird looks from people who don't know we homeschool. By the time they left I'd decided I need a t-shirt that says, "I'm homeschooled. This is PE. Stop staring at me." Or something like that. Guess over here not too many people homeschool. Then Nate and I decided we should get loud speakers and chant Latin declensions just for fun. :)

I'm reading a book about Hitler. Thoughts on that up soon...

Cait and I finished watching Fiddler on the Roof last night. The ending always leaves me quiet. And I've had Sunrise, Sunset and Chavala stuck in my head all morning. I want Sunrise, Sunset played or sang at my wedding...


"...Little bird, little Chavala
Little Bird, Little Chavala
I dont understand whats happening today
Everything is all a blur
Gentle and kind and affectionate
The sweet little bird you were
Chavala, Chavala

Little Bird, Little Chavala
You were always such a pretty little thing
Everybodys favourite child
Gentle and kind and affectionate
The sweet little bird you were
Chavala, Chavala..."


Cait said...

You mean people. The snake was disgusting and scary. =P

I think it's Chava Ballet btw...That's what the CD said.

Silmarillia said...

I totally know what you mean about bike riding! I walk a little boy to school in the mornings and then walk home again (it's part of my babysitting job) and I get all these odd looks because I'm walking in the opposite direction of everyone else and I don't have a backpack or anything. Go homeschoolers :)


Anna said...

Paul has a snake that looks just liek boB.

kalipay said...

i don't prefer snakes. at. all.

but the rest of your post was great fun! :) i like the leopards at a zoo best, usually, and tigers. hooray for the cat family!

where is it that you bike ride and kids look at you? that shirt would be awesome! ;) take a picture of it if you make it!

i am reading "Schindler's List" right now, not about Hitler but about some of the effects of what he did! what book is it you're reading?