Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Year

Well, almost a month ago we'd been living over here for a year.
So I thought I'd do a one-year-where-we-are post...

When we moved, I never thought I'd...

- Play hockey in 100+ degree weather... and add humidity to that, too.
- Drop ballet and start fencing.
- Want to learn Arabic
- Like playing volleyball
- Meet people from so many different countries.
- Attend a MASSIVE church.
- Deepen my relationship with God as much as I have.

There are tons more, too, but those are the big ones...
The hockey one was just today, I was so surprised when a knock on the door was Al and Aaron wondering if we wanted to play hockey. We went out, though, and it was pretty fun. I was even more surprised, though, when Jack left the game because "it was just a game." I've been praying for him, though. I'd like it if you would pray for him... he's quite strongly for evolution, and swears a lot, etc.

I've also finished my first week of school... I'm still deciding whether or not I like chemistry, it kinda goes up and down. But Logic today was fun (and easy), geometry so far has been a blast (went ahead a bit, took the first test yesterday, only missed two from really stupid mistakes from the guy's wording), Bible and history are great, and my two languages are going okay... we still don't have an Arabic program, so this week was just reviewing the alphabet.

Fencing has been going well... but that leads us to another prayer request. As a family, we're trying to re-do our schedule for this year, and I may have to drop an activity - whether Oasis, WellGroup (which would also mean dropping WaterWorks), WaterWorks, Music, or Fencing... and I really can't decide. Music might be dropped, though, if we can't find a teacher for the instrument I want - Oboe or viola.


The blog may look weird for a little while, I figured out how to put up part of the custom layout, and I think I'll leave it like that cuz I like it. But it may appear a little strangely at first.

Also thought I'd post something I made on the GIMP today...

Click it and it gets bigger. ;)

Kilo-Yankee from her fresh new layout.


ariadne said...

I don't think the layout looks that weird. Are these pics you took?

Kyleian said...

Good, because for a while it did...
Some of them are, like the one on the dune. Well, okay, that's the only one. But the one of the person with the guitar is me.

BananaBint said...

Wow! I like it. It's cool!

So, let me ask you: in all the pros and cons of moving, are you glad you did? Do you seriously like it over there a lot? How so?

Anna said...

I love the pic of you and your guitar on the sand dune!

Kyleian said...

Bananabint: I'm glad I did, I love it over here. 'Course, I miss friends and the dance school (and fall weather) back in the states, but I've made good friends here and love fencing and youth group.

Anna: Well... it's not really my guitar... ;) But I really was on a sand dune while playing it, at the Sr. High Campout. I got a lot of "Kyleigh plays guitar? Is she good?" from the guys talking to each other.

Autumn said...

I think that layout is great.
So, do you know Arabic know? It would be so cute!
Hockey in 100 degree weather just!