Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back to School!

Well, today was/is the first day back to school.
*sigh* I love 10th grade so far. I think I'll survive everything I was worried about. At least for a little while.

Anyway, I got up at my normal school-week time, 6:30 (I try to get it down to 6, but it doesn't always work), and was out of bed by 6:40. After 20 minutes on the computer, I started my history lecture.

I love Dr. Grant's Orientations. Last year's was funnier, but this one was good, too. And, like last year, he stressed the "culture is religion externalized."

Then I got dressed and did Bible, which for the first semester is reading a book called "The Story of Christianity." I like Bible. Never any tests, quizzes, etc, but I seem to learn the most in it.

I thought it was breakfast time, so I went downstairs, but still had fifteen minutes, so I did literature. I get poetry for the first two weeks again. Yech. At least this year I don't have to do meter and all that tricky hard boring stuff.

After breakfast I started on Chemistry, which won't actually be so bad, I don't think. Today was all about mass and matter and the metric system. So not actually chemistry yet, only an introduction, but that's okay with me.

Geometry was a blast. All it was was 20 questions where basically all I did was come to a simple conclusion. Like "Linda pulled 3 tennis balls out of the basket. All three were yellow. Therefore..." and I had to come up with a conclusion. :P I think I'm going to like geometry, especially if it stays a lot like logic (which, sadly, I don't do logic until Thursday, and it's only once a week).

I just reviewed for French. Used a picture of our old cat as a person to talk to so I could practice asking questions... then I answered them for her. I know, I'm weird.

Critical thinking was easy today, too. I can't believe that book is for 7-12th grade. So far it seems like 4th grade.

Corrected a few old Algebra tests (yeah, I leave Algebra, and suddenly it all clicks and I fixed them easily and [I think] correctly). And now it's 11 o'Clock and I'm done with school.

Tonight we're celebrating my birthday as a family. Mommy and I are going to make Spatzle for dinner. Yum.

Yesterday Cait and some of her friends went to see a movie, and since Hannah's older sister was going, she came, too, and we watched Candace in Magic Planet while my mom visited with some local friends. It was fun, we got to go on rides for free with Candace because she was under 10, so we took turns with her. Then we walked around some, got dinner at Subway, ice cream from MacDonalds, then went into Magrudys for a while. The movie finished and Hannah and everyone else got picked up, then we drove home. Fun day.

Guess I should go do music practice.

Well... it's nice to be back in school.



bananabint said...

School. Don't remind me.

Anna said...

I know... *groans*
I movecd into my sisters' room yesterday. Their fan does not work at all...

Anna said...

oops, all things without complaining... Well, they need a new fan.. other than that it's not too bad.. a little cramped, and not much room for my books, but fine, I guess. Oh, you reminded me, Ky, I need to practice guitar.. I haven't played alot this summer, but I hope it'll be more of a habit when school starts.

Kyleian said...

Why'd you move into the other room?

I haven't played much this summer, either... just getting back into it, hoping to join the praise band this year at youth.

ariadne said...

Do you use the critical thinking from The Critical Thinking Co.? I do too!(sort of) Don't worry, it gets more confusing.

ariadne said...

Happy birthday, BTW!

BananaBint said...

You changed it again!

Anna said...

yeah, I like it. Umm, i moved because Matthew and Emily clash too much in the same room.

Stacie said...

Hey! I started back to school on August the 6th! Have a great school year! I'm homeschooled and am in 10th grade. Have a great Labor Day!

Kyleian said...

ariadne - I use Logos for logic, but I have a critical thinking book that's "Critical thinking books and co."

Ilevot said...

well...if you're happy to be back at school, then I'm glad for you. =) I'm very glad that I haven't started again yet, and won't be til later this week or early next week. (haha, makes all my local public school friends jealous cause they started on Wednesday!! =D)

(and about the comment on my blog) you actualy know what perogies are??? that is TOOO cool! haha, i wish we were having them for supper tonight, with all this talk of them! =D maybe later this week.

oh, and thanks! the countryside was quite pretty.....although after 3 days of driving through rocks and really really starts to wish for flat and open Saskatchewan. I did, anyways....I guess I'm really just a prairie girl. heh, and more pictures to follw, so keep checking my blog cause I'll be getting the links up there!

Perogielover said...

I LOVE Perogies! I'm part Polish, so we make them sometimes. THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!!