Monday, July 23, 2007

Mint and Pickle Making

Yesterday we went over to Edge of the Woods, cuz Mrs. D had invited us to come over and make mints, the little cream cheese and sugar ones. The best part was that while we were putting the mints into the molds, we were allowed to eat some of the dough stuff. As we were finishing, Cait and Deborah had started chopping up onions and cucumbers for the pickles... so my eyes were really hurting from all the onions. When we finished with the mints, Nate, Candace and I went swimming in the pool, and in a little while a family who was staying there with kids our age came out and were in there with us. On our way home, we called the R's and they came over and Rachel, Cait, and I watched MirrorMask after dinner. Daniel wanted to, but played games with Nate instead and is going to watch it again later, after we get back from Yemen and they get back from Oman.

In the morning yesterday, Luz and I went to the clubhouse and practiced for fencing... we were so out of shape, just part of our warm-up tired us out, but we kept going, and didn't do any fencing, but kept doing the exercises one of the instructors always has us do. Tonight Mr. Seraj said it might work out for us to go have a lesson, but I don't know if we'll make it.

The family at Edge of the Woods lives in Afghanistan... in a mud hut, with no electricity most of the time, they don't have running water, they wash and change their clothes and bathe once a week. It makes you wonder... how do some people get by with so little, while others have so much that we "need"? It makes me think twice before complaining.

And then I was reading the biography of Margaret Wilson and Margaret McLachlan, two covenanters in Scotland during the "killing years." And man, their faith was amazing. Margaret Wilson and her younger two siblings were covenanters while their parents were still in the English Church, and they had such strong faith. If you can find a biography of the two Margarets, I suggest you read it, it's a great story.


"In the world you will have trouble; take courage, I have conquered the world." ~ John 16:33


BananaBint said...

Hey, I have a friend whose last name is McLachlan!

Bananabint said...

Oh yeah, I'm alive again. (:

Anna said...

Wahoo for you.

bananabint said...

You seem so excited, Anna! (:

Reese said...

I love your blog, Kyleigh!! It's awesome!!

Mint making and pickle making sounds very interesting, and fun =)

(This is Edith, from AP, btw)
Pax Christi tibi!