Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beds, Movies, and Mothers.

Hi you!

Yesterday daddy picked up stuff from Ikea – 2 bookshelves, a cabinet, and a loft bed with a desk for me. Just as he was about to leave, the R’s stopped by to return some boxes the had borrowed a while ago. On Nate’s request, Daniel stayed, and so did Rachel. Rachel and I finished clearing out my bed and desk from our room, and then we swept in there. While we waited for daddy to get back, we ate lunch, and worked on Nate’s puzzle (it’s one of the Detroit Tiger’s Stadium). Daddy got home, and they unloaded the car, then we opened up boxes and started hauling bed pieces upstairs.
First Rachel and I were building, with Daniel helping.
Then we started arguing over how something was done, Rachel left to help Cait.
Daniel and I figured out how to do what we needed to do, and built for a while.
We called in Rachel when we needed help.
Then Nate helped, while Dan and I built.
Then it was daddy and Nate building while Daniel and I played with my 20Q game.

We selected the category “vegetable” and did a hamster… just for the fun of it. We found out… that it’s possible for hamsters…
To be eaten by a rabbit
Sliced and Carved
And end up corn on the cob or orange juice.


We also wanted to know if 20Q categorized wood as a mineral, so we did that. It’s not, but the floor is.

After we finished with my bed, we made a movie Evil Dentistry… right before and right after dinner. I got to do my villain again, though this time without my *sniff* rainbow striped suspenders. Even Eeyore was in the movie.

Today I’ve mostly been working on my story… fixing up some things, at the moment time is everything in it, I need to get the timing to work out so everyone’s in the right place at the right time… but everything is starting to come together.

For any Fictionpress people reading this, you’ll have to private message me to get anything past Part 3.

By the way, the story is now 48 pages typed, size 12 Times New Roman. I’d like to make it to 75, at least, but I’m not going to extend it just to reach that goal.

Last night in bed, I was thinking… Mary the mother of Jesus was probably only a little older than me when she had Jesus. Most mothers would have been back then. I can’t imagine being ready to be married now. I mean, I’ve still got years to go before I can cook decently. And what would be REALLY weird would be that you’d still probably be growing after you got married, even after you had your first kid. Weird.

Anyways. I don’t know how I’d EVER be able to make a good mother, there’s so much to it… I guess I’ve still got a while. But anyways.

Thanks mom!




Autumn said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
I have that 20Q game too. It is amaizing. It guesses about everything!
I have thought about Mary too. And I am 14! I would have been married a few years ago! I am in no way ready either! =)

monique'matrix said...

Hey Kyleigh, this is my first time ever on your blog...and I'm nerdy freaky, dorky and weird too...'cept I'm going on sixteen.
Now call me random -
You don't know me.
I don't know you.
But I've been touched by your genuine passion for Christ, just from scrolling down your blog. That's precious. Keep it up.

BananaBint said...

Hi people. One note to Autumn, you probably wouldn't have been married a few years ago. You would have probably have been betrothed at 11 or younger, but you probably wouldn't have married until 13 or 14. But that still seems really long!

Oh, and Kyleigh: your movie, was um, uh, well, WEIRD!!!!!!!!!! It was ever weirder than Sweet Dreams!