Monday, March 19, 2007

We're back!

After Mr. C picked us up, we ate waffles, talked for a while, then went upstairs to play 5 Crowns. Hannah and I went to Rachel's softball games, where we talked and played baseball as well as we could with only a ball and a baseball field. Back at the C's, we made cookies and rice crispy treats with the S girls. When Cait and Elisabeth came back and Sharon arrived, we started the Pride and Prejudice that's REALLY old - black and white, etc... We took a break for dinner - burritos - and then went back and watched the newest one. After the S's and B's left, Hannah, Cait, Elisabeth and I got ready for bed, made hot chocolate, and watched the first half hour of Strange Brew. (Strange Brew is a movie about... well, beer. It gives a few wrong messages, but it's a REALLY funny movie kinda making fun of Canadians...)

After breakfast we did chores and finished up school. Then we went swimming, ate lunch, and swam some more. Hannah, Elisabeth, Rachel, nate, and Candace went to the C's piano lessons, Cait and I stayed at the C's. I read (For the Temple - G.A. Henty) and grated cheese for pizza. When they got back, Hannah and I walked up to the corner store to get some things for Well Group, came back and ran around outside until dinner. Well Group went well, we had a good study, finishing up Ruth, and took a group picture. After everyone left and Elisabeth got home, we popped popcorn and finished Strange Brew (Oktoberfest! Stop them! Nice effects, eh?), talked about camps, read a book aloud, and went to bed.

Woke up, started on school. After breakfast we played outside, and Hannah and I were heading upstairs to do more school when mom and dad came to pick us up.

it was loads of fun staying there, and VERY refreshing.

We need to send mom and dad away more often, eh?

Ack, there I go... I've only seen Strange Brew once and I'm already adding in 'eh' after every sentence.

Well, see ya later, eh?

Over'n'out, eh
(BTW, Kilo-Yankee equals the first two letters of my name in radio code, eh)


BananaBint said...

Sounds like you had fun!!

Ilevot said...

and there's something wrong with saying eh, eh? I like saying it, eh? =P so why's making fun of Canadians so fun, eh? I think it's fun making fun of MOST Americans. tis just stupid to do such things. immature, actually. =P

Who am I? said...

Hello, it's me, your favorite non-relation in MI!
NO, I'm not Leah!
But speaking of her-
She says you hate Converse! I mean, I know not everyone thinks that they're cool, but, hate them? I'm like, NO way, she wouldn't say that! Maybe that they're no big deal, but hates? Never.
Then she said you like crocs! Crocs, the weird styrofoam clog things! Why, Kyleigh, why?
So I'm posting this comment to see if it's true....
Who am I?

berylla said...

oo i know who that is!!

lol i found out what crocs were today. lol i thought we were refuring to crocodiles.

its really funny when i'm reading ur blog and it says 3-20-07 and that's not until tomorrow here.


please, someone tell me what the big deal is w/ converse!
they're just shoes!
ohh wait...
i know how i feel about my clompers...
ok, i think i understand...


who am i, u need ur own blog.

k, i g2g

luv you all!


Signature said...

Yes, I do.

Ilevot said...

*g* actually, no I don't really, Ky dearie! we only do if there's an American up here and we're all talking about something Canadian that they have no clue about. =P and even then, it isn't really poking fun at them. just laughing cause they don't have a clue what we're talking about. =D

love ya hon!


Cait said...

"Welcome to our movie, eh"

mmm amazing film. amazing waste of time.

we have got to get our hands on "The Mad Adventure of Rabbi Jacob."

Graduation present for Kiwi boB [backwards] eh?

take off, you hoser.