Friday, March 16, 2007

News of the Weekend...

Well, this weekend was interesting... youth group was calm, and worship was great. We had no pranks, nothing really exciting, except it was too humid and sandy outside to play hackey sack outside, so we played it on the stairs.
This morning, we went to Church, but we had to RUN inside cuz the sand storm was so bad and it was getting in our eyes. Nate's ball game was cancelled, so we went over to the B's for lunch, and we watched the Christmas play from last year, then played the fainting game upstairs in the guest room. Volleyball wasn't cancelled so on our way to the C's we went to the "haunted house," an old, torn up place nobody really lives in. We explored for a little while, but left when we heard a door slam. Volleyball was okay, the wind and sand made it really hard to play and I have sand in my throat, eyes, and nose still. We went inside for a little while, and when it was dark we went back to the haunted house with the guys and explored for a while, then came back and left.
'Twas fun.
Tomorrow we go to the C's to stay there while my parents are in Vienna for their anniversary.

Happy St. Patricks Day!



BananaBint said...

Do you have any place to play volley all inside? How long will you're parents be gone? Hey, can you PLEASE send me an INTERESTING email soon? Thank you. (:

Ilevot said...

*g* I didn't even wear green on St. Pat's day. I didn't even realized what day it was....til it was over. =D

berylla said...

lol me too!

it was kinda weird...

cool... haunted house... fun.


Anna said...

St Patrick's Day is Dustin Gross's b-day.