Saturday, January 5, 2008

This weekend.

Tomorrow ends Christmas Break.
I'm okay with that.
This break was a good break, fun, albeit busy... which is why I've not gotten DC notes up yet.

Tuesday and Wednesday we didn't do much (leastways, not that I can remember...).
Thursday we went to Safa Park with a bunch of people. The guys (as usual) wanted to play Touch Football, so we tolerated that for a little while, then left the game to play Ultimate Frisbee. We played baseball for a little while, then ate dinner. Jonny had brought his guitar, so we had a short time of worship before we left.
In the evening we went to the Ba's house for Naomi and Jeremy's wedding shower.

Friday after Church and volleyball we went to First Friday Prayer and Praise. Afterwards Cait and I went to the C's for a game night. We walked up to get shwarmas at a nearby cafeteria, then walked back and ate ice cream and played Settlers of Catan... making up sound effects for all of the cards. Sheep was "Maa maa." Wood was "Chop chop." Wheat was "swish swish." And we couldn't think of a good one for ore.

Saturday we went out to the desert with the C's, the M's, Jeremy, Lisa, Chris, and Nathan. After we drove out to the site, we played volleyball for a while, then ate lunch and sat around talking and watching the guys have a melee with the larps. We packed up camp and drove to a big dish-like thing, basically a flat circle on the bottom with steep slopes on 3 1/2 sides. Mr. M took us all out to a ridge and we went over it... the best part was right as you went over the lip and started to dip. (Yes, I rhyme. Some of the time). Then we drove home and I washed the car and got ready for school tomorrow.

URGENT prayer request: You've probably heard about some of the unrest in Kenya... a Kenyan woman in our Church has 2 brothers in Kenya. One was taken by the government (I think) and tortured. They let him go, but he's in pain and really weak - and the hospitals are too full to take him. The other brother was shot a few days ago and is now in the ICU. Please be praying for both of them, as well as the rest of Kenya.

- Ky

Nathan: Aaah, goodness, I keep hitting the ball out of the court.
Philip: Don't you mean more like badness?

Nathan: *sarcastically* You scared the life out of me.
Andrew: So you're a walking corpse?

Lisa: I have a maa maa... will anyone trade me for chop chop or swish swish?

Andrew: Oooh, look, a maa maa and a chop chop. Anyone hungry? Take the maa maa and go chop chop!

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Autumn said...

Sounds like fun!
My Christmas break ended on Thursday. =(