Sunday, January 13, 2008

This week has been rather jumbled.
Sunday I woke up with a small flu and slept all day.
Monday I took a nap.
Tuesday I was feeling strong enough to do all of school and went biking.
Wednesday Christine came - she's spending 2 weeks here with us while her school has basically an month of one subject - she's came to do a paper on the Burj Dubai.
Thursday we went out to the desert with the H's. The site was a mess, so we cleaned it up, then I went up on a dune to wait for the H's. Sarah, Esther and I watched the guys play Frisbee for a little while, then went "exploring," striking heroic poses every now and then just for the fun of it. After lunch we climbed back up the dune and made a few plans for possible pranks at the Jr. High campout.
At Oasis Pastor John talked on purity and holiness. It was a really good talk, and I can't wait for his practical application of it all next week.
Friday after Church Mr. K took us out to lunch at Little Caesars and then we came home and I made a cake for Hannah's birthday. After Volleyball we secretly (sneakily) decorated it and then brought it out to sing happy birthday to Hannah.
Saturday (bounces at the memory of Saturday) we went to Mall of the Emirates for a little while. I had Oboe-wan with me because we'd scheduled an oboe lesson for 4:00... so after going in a massage chair and through the black hole in Magic Planet (the black hole is a bridge through a tunnel that there's a screen with moving stars on it... you get REALLy dizzy and feel like you're going to fall off... 'tis fun!) mom picked me up and we drove over there.
And... I loved my lesson! The teacher (mr. Peter) is a great oboist himself, and he's very patient and encouraging... and what I'm really happy about is that I've not been butchering my tone or anything of the sort!

ell, I know this has been short... but today I spent a lot of time practicing music and so I've barely gotten anything apart from school and music done!

- Ky


Autumn said...

I love it when you post.
Sounds like a busy week!

Glad you are feeling a bit better!

anna said...

Sorry you were sick